Mom explains why she installed doorbells in her kids’ rooms

Tired of calling your kids when they’re in their bedrooms? This clever TikTok mom purchased doorbells for her kids’ rooms!

LB (@lbarksdale2) is a TikToker and parent of three kids who shares funny and useful parenting hacks. In a recent video, LB admitted that she got tired of calling out to her kids when she’s in the kitchen and they’re in their bedrooms, so she came up with a brilliant hack to save her voice: She bought doorbells for their rooms! In the video, LB demonstrates how she uses the doorbells to save time and energy around the house.

The video begins with LB standing in her kitchen. She shows several plastic doorbells stuck onto the wall, each with a child’s first initial written on top of it in permanent marker. “Check out this level 3000 parenting hack,” LB writes in a caption. “Found these ‘room doorbells’ on Amazon!”

LB reaches out and presses a doorbell marked with the letter E. Then, she walks out of the kitchen and down the hall. “No more yelling for the kids when I’m in the kitchen and need them!” she explains as she walks.

The mom continues walking down the long hallway, showing how much work she normally has to do if she wants to summon her kids. At one point, she passes a sock lying on the floor and jokes, “You can tell my kids have been here. [They’re] leaving random articles of clothing on the ground.”

LB reaches a bedroom and opens the door to show two of her kids sitting on a bed playing a game. Then, she pans the camera down to a wall socket, and shows the doorbell speaker. “Plugs right into the wall in their room! Each got to choose their own ring,” she writes. “P.S. I told them not to come out when I pushed the button so they could keep playing.”

The video ends with LB leaving her kids’ bedroom and walking back towards the kitchen. “Check them out!” she writes. “They have been a game changer!”

Parents couldn’t get enough of the game-changing parenting hack!

“We put an Alexa in each of the kids’ rooms and one in the living room. We have a blast sending each other messages,” one parent shared.

“Omg I need this!” wrote another parent.

“Wow, I need this,” commented another viewer.

Do you think this doorbell hack has a nice ring to it?

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