Mom explains why you should rethink using a blanket to shade a stroller on hot days

This TikTok parent shared the scary reason parents should rethink using a blanket to shade their child’s stroller on hot summer days!

Cathy Pedrayes (@cathypedrayes) is a mom and TikToker who shares nifty parenting hacks as well as safety and security tips for protecting your kids from harm. In a recent video, the mom revealed why using a blanket as a sun cover for your child’s stroller on a hot day can be surprisingly dangerous. Using a thermometer, Cathy reveals just how hot a stroller can get with a blanket covering it!

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The video begins with a shot of Cathy standing outside her home wearing a short sleeve blue dress and a string of pearls. The mom has her hair in a high ponytail and looks like she means business. Next to her, stands a baby stroller with a striped blanket thrown across the top.

“What happens if you use a blanket as sun shade on a stroller?” Cathy asks in a caption.

Cathy fiddles with the blanket for a minute, lifting an edge and looking inside. The mom rearranges the blanket to make sure it is fully covering the stroller.

Then, Cathy removes the blanket. She holds a digital thermometer up to the camera, revealing that it is 93 degrees Fahrenheit outside. “It’s a hot day,” she writes in a caption.

Cathy places the thermometer into the seat of the stroller where the baby would be sitting, then covers the stroller once again with the blanket. Then, she sets a timer for 8 minutes and begins to wait.

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When the 8 minutes are up, Cathy removes the blanket to reveal the thermometer. “The temperature is already over 103 degrees!” she writes, revealing the face of the thermometer for proof.

“Imagine if there was a baby in there, or a pet!” Cathy writes as the video ends.

Viewers were horrified by the results of Cathy’s experiment.

“Yes the baby would be protected from UV rays (I think), but not from overheating or suffocation,” one viewer wrote.

“Man, if it’s 93 degrees, me and my baby are just going to stay home,” another viewer joked.

“I was just having this thought while out on a sunny day. Now you confirm it. Poor babies,” wrote another viewer.

On hot summer days, it’s important to make sure your baby isn’t overheating! Experts recommend purchasing a stroller with a canopy and open back for maximum airflow, as well as making sure your baby stays hydrated and checking on them regularly.

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