Mom Is Determined to Adopt a Dog at a Hockey Event and People Are Here for It

She wouldn't take no for an answer.

Shannon Grunner is the definition of a good daughter. She bought tickets for her and her mom Sherri Griffin to attend a Thunderbolts hockey game which also happened to be hosting a dog adoption night.

Grunner did everything she could to keep her mom from adopting a puppy. They arrived at the game late in hopes of missing the adoption event. Grunner promised her mom she would not let her bring home a dog. Grunner even tried to reason with her mom while they were walking down the arena's corridors but welp, the moral of this story is, no one tells Sherri "no!" @Mrsgee_ posted this adorable video and we bet you can guess what the outcome was!

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Grunner spoke with News14 in Evansville about how this whole situation went down. “I had a feeling going into it as soon as we walked into the doors and she targeted straight to the kennels where all the dogs were up for adoption and immediately went to Daisy and picked her up and was snuggling her,” Gruner said. “We were in the door for thirty seconds and as soon as she picked the dog up, I was like, ‘It’s game over.’”

All the TikTok users have fallen in love with both Daisy and her new mom, with @Mattyjames posting, "Sherri was walking with purpose. She wasn't concerned about a word you had to say." @KP adds, "Sherri and I have the same energy and I love that for us." @Adrianvecchio replies, ""Watch me get a dog." your mom is an icon."

It's really hard to decide who is cuter, Daisy or Sherri. All we know is that this adorable puppy and this adorable mom totally deserve each other.

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