Mom is convinced her floors are spotless, then a professional cleaner reveals the truth

Deep-cleaning expert and TikToker Tera (@Tera.Nelli) gained nearly 15 million views and 6,000 comments when she posted a shocking video to her account. As Tera explains in the video, her client said that Tera didn't need to mop her floors because she "uses a Swiffer daily”. "She also said you could eat off her floors," Tera added in on-screen text. But based on the thick brown muck that Tera begins to pour from the bucket into the toilet, it seems the floors aren't quite as clean as the client might think. The shocking footage proves that while we might think we're deep-cleaning our homes, there could still be an unseen layer of yuckiness lurking on the surface. Thousands of TikTokers rushed to the comment section of Tera's video to express their horror. "I legit thought this was coffee for a minute," one shocked user wrote. Other TikTokers agreed with Tera that mopping is the only thing that can get the job done. "A Swiffer doesn’t mop your floors, I just use mine to clean up a spill or something. But I mop regularly," another user wrote