Mom Comes Up With Cutest Hack So Her Big Cat Can Sleep with Her

If it's good enough for a baby..

One of the joys of cat ownership is having your feline curl up in bed with you when it's bedtime. Or nap time! Or TV time! We all love a warm, furry, cuddly, purring cat to cozy up with. But for some cats that isn't the most comfortable way to sleep, and even though they want to be close to their owners, being next to them in the bed just isn't their favorite. 

TikTok user @ ChonkyCatBoris came up with the sweetest hack for her big boy and this may make you put your own human baby hand-me-down or garage sale find to use! 

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Awwww, he's a baby! What a brilliant idea! TikTok commenters are loving this with @Lala posting "I love it when pet owners make stuff like this possible for their children." @RiMccue hilariously adds, "My cat would still take my bed and make me sleep on the side bed." LOL! @M really appreciates this idea and says, "My cat is allowed on the bed but doesn’t like sleeping in it with me because I move around a lot, I’ll be getting him one of these!" 

Such a smart idea to keep your fur baby close! Ideally, we'd have our babies in bed with us but this brilliant idea is the next best thing. Especially for cats, ummm... who may need a bit more space. 

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