Mom’s clever snack hack is cracking up parents across TikTok

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This TikTok parent’s snack hack, which shows how to hide candy from your kids, had TikTokers cracking up!

Emily (@maverickmother) is a TikToker who describes herself as a “working woman,” “wife,” and “mum to 5.” Emily loves sharing humorous parenting content on TikTok, including a hilarious recent video in which she revealed her brilliant hack for eating candy without her kids noticing. The hack? Hide your candy in a head of lettuce!

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The video begins with a shot of Emily standing in her kitchen, leaning against the kitchen counter. The mom’s blonde hair is swept back and she wears sunglasses, as she nonchalantly snacks on a head of lettuce. “Mom snack hack,” a caption reads.

But while Emily at first appears to be enjoying a healthy snack, looks can be deceiving! In a close-up, the mom reveals that, hidden within the head of lettuce, is a candy bar!

Emily slides her sunglasses down onto her nose and peers around, looking for kids who might spot her eating candy. When she affirms that the coast is clear, the clever mom peels back a piece of lettuce to reveal a half-eaten chocolate bar.

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Quickly, before any kids can catch her snacking on delicious candy, the mom takes a bite of the chocolate bar. Then, without hesitation, she hides the bar once again behind the leaf of lettuce.

Mere moments after she hides the candy bar, one of Emily’s children approaches. The little girl looks up at her mom, sees the head of lettuce, and quickly loses interest. She walks away without a second glance, leaving Emily to enjoy her candy in peace.

The video ends with Emily, once again, peeling back the leaf of lettuce to take a bite of the candy!

Emily’s “snack hack” had viewers cracking up!

“Genius!” one viewer commented.

“I’m stealing this idea,” another TikToker wrote.

However, other viewers noted that their kids would simply ask for a bite of lettuce.

“I would use this myself, but my daughter loves healthy food,” one parent complained.

“Wouldn’t work for me because my daughter absolutely loves lettuce,” wrote another parent.

How would your kids respond to this trick?

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