Mom changes sheets and discovers mattress is hiding secret hoards of candy

Changing the sheets is usually a pretty boring, routine task — unless you discover something shocking in the process. That’s what happened to one TikTok mom (@julianne0106) when she went to change her kids’ sheets on their bunk bed. Squirreled away between the fitted sheet and the top mattress, Julianne discovered pockets of granola bars, lollipops, cough drops and more. It was all safely tucked away and out of sight, but very much within reach. The caption for her TikTok video simply reads, “When you’re changing sheets on your kid’s bunk bed and find her secret stash”. Most of the comments on Julianne’s video loved her child’s ingenuity. “You have a genius on your hands!” said one user. But some parents expressed concern about the child hiding snacks and goodies. “Just pls be careful how you handle this. I used to hide food bc my parents judged me for eating. so there could be something more”