Mom catches daughter faking illness to skip school, turns it into a girls' day

When this parent caught her daughter faking sick, she treated her to a special “girl’s day” instead of sending her to school!. Laura Lee (@lauraleewatts) is a parent of 3 kids who shares makeup reviews and parenting stories on TikTok. When Laura was called into her eldest daughter Savannah’s school recently to pick up her “sick” child, she was already suspicious Savannah might be faking. Nevertheless, she explains, when she arrived at the school, Savannah was slumped in a chair looking genuinely ill. For a moment, Laura started to believe that Savannah might actually be sick. But once the tricky child was off of school grounds, she immediately made a miraculous recovery. “Savannah looks at me and goes, ‘You know what mom? I feel better now,’” Laura recalls. “And I was like, ‘Savannah, are you serious?’”. Laura explains, “She was like, ‘Mom, do you maybe want to go to Starbucks and have, like, a girl’s day?’ And I was like, ‘Honey, what kind of question is that? You know I do!’” . In a text caption on the video, Laura explains that she let Savannah off the hook because she’s a great kid, and she feels like all kids deserve a break sometimes. Many viewers expressed their admiration for the way Laura handled the situation. “The type of mom I aspire to be,” wrote one TikToker