Mom catches baby eating leftovers from Buffalo Wild Wings in the backseat

This TikTok mom recorded the moment she caught her baby eating her leftovers from Buffalo Wild Wings!

Yaneth Lopez (@yanethlpz12) is a parent and TikToker who shares adorable clips of her two kids. Recently, Yaneth was driving home after a meal at Buffalo Wild Wings, when she managed to capture a hilarious moment on video! In the viral video that racked up more than 5 million views, Yaneth records the moment she spotted her baby in the backseat, munching on her leftovers from Buffalo Wild Wings and giggling to himself!

The video begins with Yaneth turning around to film the backseat of her car. On one seat, there is a paper bag that reads, “Buffalo Wild Wings,” and presumably holds Yaneth’s leftovers. On the other seat, Yaneth’s baby sits in a backward-facing car seat. Though the baby is facing away from Yaneth, he is visible in a mirror attached to the passenger seat of the car.

“My baby got ahold of our leftover Buffalo Wild Wings,” Yaneth writes in a caption.

“Dude!” the mom exclaims, zooming in on the passenger seat mirror, to show her baby. The baby is sitting with an open box of wings on his lap, and is holding a wing in each hand. He is giggling softly to himself and has a bit of wing sauce on his cheeks.

Yaneth begins to laugh, too, which causes the baby’s giggle to turn into full-blown laughter. “Really?” Yaneth asks the baby, who responds by waving the wings in the air.

The baby licks his lips as Yaneth begins talking to the person next to her in the front of the car. “I thought he was sending me [little kisses],” she says. “He’s freaking eating!”

“Oh my god!” Yaneth exclaims as the video ends.

Viewers were cracking up at the tiny baby and his big appetite, and Buffalo Wild Wings even weighed in!

“Baby caught in 4K,” Buffalo Wild Wings wrote.

The official account of the New York Mets also chimed in, writing, “Oh, you have a troublemaker in the making. So adorable!”

Other viewers couldn’t get enough of the baby’s cuteness.

“Him smiling and laughing after he got caught,” one viewer wrote.

“So cute. How can you be mad?” another viewer asked.

Yaneth’s baby might be a future troublemaker, but at least for now, he’s adorable enough to get away with it!

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