Mom baffled by woman’s ‘disturbed’ reaction to her public parenting: ‘It’s not completely clear what she’s upset about’


A mother on Reddit is wondering if it’s wrong of her to bring her child to a coffee shop.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. She brings her 1-year-old daughter to a local coffee shop sometimes. However, an older woman keeps making rude comments about the mom and her baby. Now the mother is wondering if bringing her kid was a mistake.

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“I occasionally take my daughter to a small coffee shop in the local mall,” she explained. “I’m a WFH mom, trying to run my company and finish my postgraduate degree while raising my kid while my husband spends all day at work. It gets [to be] a bit much sometimes.”

“My daughter loves it! She will look around, sitting in her stroller while I drink my coffee in peace for once. The waitresses love her and know her by name and come to greet her. We leave a big tip to make up for any inconvenience we might cause.”

The issue is that another patron seems to be bothered by the mother and daughter’s presence.

Tinashe is calling the shots:

“Recently, an old lady would sit down at the table next to us and stare,” the mother said. “She’ll whisper under her breath some things about ‘not in our time’ and ‘floozies.’ Last time when we were leaving, I felt it appropriate to at least say ‘goodbye, have a nice day,’ to the lady, as we were saying so to the waiters and a nice gentleman who’d made funny faces at my kiddo. She looked at me like I spat at her and started mumbling something about ‘horrible mother’ and ‘no decency.'”

“I’m not a confrontational type, so I just ignored it,” she continued. “But it’s been bothering me. AITA for taking my toddler to a coffee shop?”

Redditors felt the mother did absolutely nothing wrong.

“The dead giveaway here is ‘floozy.’ That’s not an insult you pull out in response to being disturbed while having coffee. It’s not completely clear what she’s upset about, but she’s imagined or made up something that only exists in her mind,” a user said.

“Kids need socialization, and you need sanity,” another wrote.

“She probably assumed she’s a single mother with a child out of wedlock,” another suggested.

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