Mom’s Amazon Christmas order is not at all what she was expecting: ‘Just add water!’

A woman says she can’t believe the massive Amazon fail she received in the mail.

TikToker @sarbear1696 absolutely lampooned the bait-and-switch she claimed she ordered. Based on an ad she saw on Facebook, the mom thought she was receiving two Christmas reindeer yard decorations. Instead, what she got was a big disappointment.

She posted a screenshot of the Facebook ad that claimed a set of Christmas reindeer lights had gone on sale from $36.99-$45.99 to $10.99-$13.79.

The mom believed she was getting “two beautiful reindeer” for her yard. But instead, she received “two plastic pictures of the item with some fairy lights.”

After someone requested to see them in her yard, it became clear just how disappointing the reindeer were. She joked that the small paper cutouts were the “perfect size” and that they looked “lovely in the yard.”

“Maybe you have to feed them!!? Or just add water!?” someone joked.

“The envy of the neighborhood,” another said.

“They are cute but I feel like they may be a distraction for people driving by, with their large size and bright lights,” a person added.

“I think you should buy like 1,000 and have an army of lil deer in your yard,” a TikToker suggested.

“I bet the squirrels are so happy that you bought them some holiday decor!” a user replied.

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