Mom accidentally films strange shadow crawling under toddler’s bed in mysterious TikTok: ‘Time to move’

A mom recorded more than she bargained for when she filmed a TikTok dance with her baby, and the mysterious footage is going viral.

Jessica Catanesi (@jessicacatanesi) gained over 8.8 million views, 843,000 likes and 4,200 comments when she uploaded the goosebump-inducing video to her account.

While we’ve seen accidental footage go viral before — like the stepdad who had no idea he would capture the heartwarming moment his bonus son said “I love you” for the very first time — but nothing nearly as unsettling as this.

Now, much like the mom who claimed to capture paranormal activity around her baby’s crib, Jessica’s spooky footage is causing quite a stir on social media.

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“I made this TikTok for fun with my daughter and just left it in drafts,” Jessica explained in the video.

“When I went back to watch it, I saw something crawling under my son’s bed. My husband had both of our dogs with him, and I was home alone with my daughter when I recorded this.”

In the comments, Jessica followed up to say that pest control didn’t find any rodents on the property and that the family doesn’t own any cats or small animals that could fit under the bed.

Later, Jessica recorded another TikTok to update followers on the mysterious shadow.

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Jessica walked viewers through her home, explaining where the all the light sources are and how little space there is under her son’s bed.

In an even more chilling development, it seems Jessica’s toddler has begun talking to someone in that same hallway — whom he refers to, strangely, as Jessica.

“Update: asked him if Jessica can come to the living room and talk and she said ‘Jessica is stuck,’ not to make this any more creepier than it already [is],” Jessica wrote in the comments.

TikTokers didn’t hold back in the comments, and it seems like Jessica’s shadowy friend is freaking users out.

“WELP TIME TO MOVE,” one user wrote.

“Whatever it is looked and saw you were filming and then dipped out!” another user commented.

“Girl I would be packing 😅 I got chills,” wrote another user.

Hopefully Jessica’s shadowy housemate remains a friendly presence in their home, no matter what it may or may not be.

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