Molly Ringwald Recalls Funny Behind-the-Scenes Moment From 1987 Oscars

She took one of the Beastie Boys as her date.

Molly Ringwald got nostalgic ahead of the 2023 Oscars.

In an Instagram post, the Pretty in Pink actress remembered attending the 1987 Oscars with Beastie Boys member Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz.

"This is me and Adam, my bf at the time. He wanted to show up with a boombox on his shoulder but I (regrettably) wouldn't let him. We skipped the Governor's ball and went to Pioneer Chicken instead. I'm wearing Chanel. #oscars," she wrote in the caption. (Her caption states the picture is from 1986, but it was actually taken a year later.)

Ringwald, now 55, was a presenter at the Oscars that year, handing Claire Simpson a Film Editing Oscar for her work on Platoon.

The photo shows Ringwald wearing a shimmery, sleek black dress, posing beside Horovitz. The Beastie Boy wore a tux but went the playful route with his hair, sporting gelled spikes.

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The couple met on the set of The Pick-up Artist and began dating in 1987; they were only together for a year.

In NY Mag's oral history of the group's debut LP, License to Ill, Ringwald discussed meeting Horovitz.

"I finished doing The Pick-Up Artist, and the producer was putting together the music. He brought the Beastie Boys in to talk to them about having a song in the movie, and Adam gave his number to the producer," she recalled.

Ringwald continued, "I went and looked at some music magazines. I was trying to figure out which Adam it was, because I only wanted to call if it was Adam Horovitz. I thought he was really cute."

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Though the relationship was short-lived, Ringwald looked back at their romance fondly on the Canadian late-night show George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight in 2014.

"He's amazing. Really smart and funny," she said about her old flame. "I don't think [the Beastie Boys] knew at that time exactly—he wasn't sure if he was gonna stay with the band [or] if he was going to go into acting, or what he was going to do.

Horovitz is now married to riot grrrl pioneer Kathleen Hanna, and Ringwald has been married to author Panio Gianopoulos since 2007.

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