Moldavite Is Going Viral on TikTok for Turning Lives Upside Down

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Photo credit: Jonnysek - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jonnysek - Getty Images

If you’re like me and you’ve watched one too many tarot reading videos and explainers of why Scorpios are Like That, you’re probably wondering why your spirituality-inclined TikTok For You Page is now filled with users lamenting that a tiny green piece of glass took their boyfriend away or disbanded their once tight-knit squad.

The culprit? Moldavite: a rare tektite (not a crystal!) formed when a meteorite hit the earth in central Europe around 15 million years ago. Unlike crystals, which form when molten liquid (like lava) cools, tektites are created when the impact from a meteorite fuses with minerals in the ground. Science aside, this little space-y rock is here to stir sh*t up.

The moss green, glassy mineral is HUGE on spiritual TikTok, or WitchTok. Since the trend first gained traction last September, #moldavite has racked up more than 280 million views, with new TikToks still being posted every week. Looking through the top results, you’ll find users recounting the dramatic, sometimes even traumatic, experiences that followed after moldavite came into their lives—from layoffs to breakups to unexpected cross-country moves.

But while voluntarily signing up to have your life flipped upside down (in the middle of a pandemic, no less) doesn’t sound like anyone’s idea of a good time, there’s a neat reason this tektite has become one of WitchTok’s biggest and most long-lived trends. Moldavite removes blockages and obstacles on your path toward becoming your highest self—often in the most chaotic way possible. Read: Get ready to ditch the toxic situationship who ghosted you way too many times during your ~quaranfling~ and prepare to meet the actual LOYL.

Basically, whether you like it or not, moldavite is going to take out the trash. Intrigued? Scared? A bit of both? If you still want to get your hands on some moldavite, here’s what you need to know first:

Set Your Intentions

While moldavite is notorious on TikTok for facilitating complete 180s for its owners, you can actually customize the effects by setting intentions. Crystals and minerals are focus tools—YOU have the power, they just amplify it. Depending on what you set as your focus, the effects of moldavite can change too. So why are so many users having similar experiences?

“Let’s assume someone obtaining moldavite is using it for the reason that has been trending on TikTok: It will transform your whole entire life and remove all toxicity or blockages without your consent,” says Jessica Jackson, owner of Phoenix-based Valley Crystals. “If you are grabbing moldavite with the expectation that it will do these things, this is an intention you’ve now set for your moldavite, even if unknowingly.”

After months of feeling stuck in a pandemic rut, Bella Pivo snagged her first moldavite necklace from Etsy last September right as the trend was hitting TikTok. “I was trying to think future-wise and said, ‘Okay, moldavite, bring me what’s best for my future,” Pivo says. “If it’s going to be hard, let it be hard. I don’t want anything to happen to me if it’s not going to sustain itself.”

While she ended up breaking off a couple of friendships during her moldavite experience, she also managed to snag a spot at her dream college for the fall. And that rut? Gone.

Change Is (Sometimes) Good

Moldavite can be messy AF. Like that one friend who’s a little too honest, moldavite gets a bad rep for how it makes abundantly clear what is and definitely isn’t serving your higher purpose. For some, this might take the form of a breakup with a long-term lover, a super-stressful layoff, or a falling-out with a close friend.

A quick debunker by TikTok user Aurora, a tarot reader, witch, and crystal enthusiast, sits at the top of the hashtag at more than 1 million Likes. While their own experience with moldavite was chaotic as hell, Aurora points to unprepared users for pushing the misunderstanding that moldavite is out to get you.

“If you are in a good relationship, then you have nothing to be afraid of,” they say. “It’s only going to enhance that and make that relationship deeper because it’s good for you.”

So while seeing so many moldavite users freak out about unexpected loss can be demoralizing, your supportive partner, dream job, and/or twin flame have nothing to worry about.

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Make Sure You’re Ready

PSA: Moldavite is NOT a fix-all. If you’re in a bad place, now is not the time to grab this tumultuous tektite. This is your last call to remove it from your Etsy shopping cart (yes, I’m talking to *you*).

While the idea of a well-intentioned shove in the right spiritual direction sounds fantastic, meddling with moldavite is not for the faint of heart. If you’re struggling with mental health issues or trauma, you’re gonna want to put yourself through some serious emotional boot camp before heading to your local metaphysical shop.

Hollow Hollis, a popular WitchToker, tarot reader, and moldavite user, suggests doing your own research (and meaningful reflection) before working with this powerful stone. Not everyone’s experiences will be the same, but in general, you can expect some major emotional and spiritual transformations.

“This would be a good stone for people who have already spent time working and healing themselves on the inside and who are ready to see that change on the outside,” Hollis says. “The affirmation that goes with moldavite is, ‘I am ready to walk in my true divine life path.’ That is something that you should begin to know, speak, and really believe within yourself before working with moldavite.”

Or Check Out These Tamer Alternatives

Moldavite is THAT tektite for manifesting big change and transformation, but for crystal (or tektite) newbies, starting off with something less intense can help you ease into your spiritual journey.

Despite being super underrated, shungite is the perfect crystal to help you distinguish what’s pushing you forward and what might be holding you back, Jackson says. If you’re working up to moldavite, knowing these distinctions is super important.

Struggling to open up spiritually? Atlantisite and tanzanite are great options for a focus on flexibility and new experiences. Set your intentions, hold them during your meditation routine, and feel yourself opening up. You can even keep these stones in a space where you could use a little extra calm and comfort, like your bedroom or office.

If you’re looking for a similar transformative effect to moldavite, Latha Jay, a TikToker and spiritual manifestation coach who has worked with moldavite off and on for a decade, recommends Libyan desert glass as a chiller alternative.

“Libyan desert glass is also a tektite like moldavite, so it has very similar properties and cosmic energy to it. But the Libyan desert glass actually activates only three different chakras: the third eye, the solar plexus, and the sacral,” Jay says. “Moldavite works with all of the chakras, which is why it’s so intense.”

But ultimately, every person’s karmic lessons and goals are going to be different—and you may find yourself leaning more toward one crystal or mineral than another. “Our energies are each beautifully unique and based on our past experiences,” Jackson says. “No one can tell you which crystal is best or worst for you.”

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