Former model Kayla Rae Reid shows off postpartum body 3 days after giving birth

Kerry Justich

Kayla Rae Reid is opening up about her postpartum body just three days after welcoming her second child with husband Ryan Lochte.

The former Playboy model gave birth to a baby girl, Liv Rae Lochte, on June 17. Just days after posting a birth announcement where she wrote “Our bodies are truly incredible,” the 27-year-old got real about the toll that two pregnancies have taken, mentally and physically.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Reid shared a mirror picture that she took three days postpartum with “No makeup, greasy hair and engorged boobs.” Admittedly, Reid said that she was planning to keep the photo to herself to track her progress, but instead decided to share it with her followers.

“My body has always been a major factor for work for me. It has always been a ‘job’ to remain in shape and that’s what has always kept me motivated,” she wrote. “Having kids has had to make me work twice as hard because I am truly just not one of the people to ‘bounce back’ effortlessly.”

Reid went on to recount the struggle she faced to become comfortable with her body after having her first child, Caiden, just over two years ago. She even expressed that “having the desire to look good,” isn’t a bad thing, but emphasized that women don’t need to put so much pressure on themselves to look a certain way so soon after giving birth.

“I really could care less about my body at this moment because my main concern is feeding my child,” Reid wrote. “I am confident that when I am ready to put in the work, my body will reciprocate my efforts!”

Plenty of women have since responded to the post to empathize or simply to thank Reid for being so honest.

“Thank you for being brave enough to show us what authenticity looks like. My mother and Grandmother spoke in hushed tones about things women went through,” one wrote. “I am so proud of that beautiful body that created a human! I want my daughter to grow up looking at reality.”

“This is sooo awesome of you!!! You look absolutely beautiful after just having a baby. And to reach out to help any momma who is struggle [sic] with their body image is such an inspiration!!” another said.

One person called the mother-of-two “superwoman,” and praised her for bringing another life into the world.

“I am proud of what my body is capable of!” Reid concluded the post. “Every postpartum journey is different and should be celebrated for creating LIFE!!!”

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