Model Olivia Culpo and her sisters share their quarantine obsessions

Olivia Culpo and her sisters share their quarantine obsession and their new line with Macy's, CULPO x INC.

Video Transcript

AURORA CULPO: Hey, everybody. We are the Culpo sisters, and we're about to tell you what we were obsessed with during quarantine.


OLIVIA CULPO: What I've been obsessed with during quarantine, I got really into decorating and baking cakes. Celebrations In The Kitchen has a lot of really great kits that you can buy, and then you can decorate the cakes at home.

SOPHIA CULPO: I'm a Baker. I love to bake. So in quarantine, Olivia and I were actually stuck with her boyfriend's mom who has, like, every Ina Garten cookbook, like, every single one. And I kind of fell in love with all her recipes.

So now I'm like a huge Ina Garten fan, and I love to bake. I love to cook. Olivia and I did a Live with Joanna Chang, and the book is called "Flour Bakery."

OLIVIA CULPO: Flour Bakery. It's a very famous bakery in Boston.

SOPHIA CULPO: I went to college in Boston. So I would go to her bakery all the time. We did a Live, and you made her chocolate cookies.

AURORA CULPO: Tumeez, looks like a lollipop, looks like candy, but it's actually all healthy, organic ingredients. Then and they're designed for certain-- there's one for your throat. There's one for your stomach. Like, if you're having a stomach ache. I gave them to my son all throughout quarantine, and he thought he was getting a special treat, but he was actually getting something healthy.

OLIVIA CULPO: What I've been obsessed with during quarantine from the Macy's collection is the lounge where I love what Sophi's wearing. It's this rhinestone-embellished sweater set with shoulder pad detail. It comes in white, black and red.

But it's just really fun and comfortable, but at home, you can feel like you're dressed up. Or you know, if you are going out, this is something that I'm really proud of just given the time and given that we all kind of want to be a little bit more comfortable. But still feel dressed up at home. We've started working together slowly, and it was something we realized that we really enjoy doing.

AURORA CULPO: And we don't all have the same style, and we don't all appreciate each other's styles all the time. So I almost feel like, yeah, maybe we have better style than others. I don't know. So it was definitely a collaboration. It's paired with-- with like, the kind of comfortable everyday clothes that I'd like to wear.

SOPHIA CULPO: But it's exciting because the way that she'll wear is not the way that she'll wear or I'll wear it. So it's fun to see how we take these pieces and make them look completely different.

AURORA CULPO: Thank you so much for checking out our quarantine obsessions in New in the Q.