Modder Gets PlayStation 1's 'Tomb Raider' to Run on a Game Boy Advance

·1 min read

Retro fans rejoice: you can now run the original Tomb Raider PlayStation 1 game on a Game Boy Advance.

As part of the OpenLara project — an open-source program revolving around Tomb Raider — modder and hacker XProger spent a whole year working on the port, which is the latest to join a series of other platforms you can run the classic 1996 title on including the original Xbox, the 3DO, an iPhone, and the Nintendo 3DS.

For the time being, given optimization and hardware limitations, XProger has only managed to get the first three levels to work, but he hopes to finish the rest of the game in the near future. "There are many further improvements," he explains, "as well as optimization of content and video to fit the entire Tomb Raider game in a 32 MB cartridge."

If you're a fan of the original title, check out the video above or head over to GitHub to download the project.

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