Missouri Rescue Organization Finds Unexpected Abandonded Puppies in Heartbreaking Clip

We can't believe how many dogs they saved.

TikTok user @rescueone_sgf, an animal rescue and medical facility from Springfield, Missouri, was on a mission to rescue three abandoned adult huskies. But during the rescue mission, this organization found a very heartbreaking surprise.

Rescuers went to the house where the abandoned Huskies were and once they opened the front door, they were greeted with something totally unexpected. Let's just say they saved quite a few more than three doggos. And fair warning, you're going to need a tissue for this sad clip.  

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Ugh, our hearts are breaking. How in the world could anyone leave a dog alone, let alone three adults and puppies?! We're so sad this happened, but also very glad Rescue One was able to step in. They rescued 8 more puppies! 

"Poor babies. Thank goodness y'all saved them," wrote @Sherri Gooch. Seriously, this is such a big rescue and we're so happy they were able to rescue these fur babies. "My heart broke when the door opened poor babies and still wagging their tails xx," said @Nathalie Jane31. This just goes to show how amazing animals are. They still radiate love and happiness even after going through trauma. 

And we have to mention how great the babies look even after being abandoned. That's all thanks to the mama. @zackmagic commented, "Omg poor babyies. The mother did amazing keeping them alive 👏." Yes, she did! @jaimeesjourn3y added, "They're so big. Mama did her job but I bet she's in rough shape. That's a lot of babies to be abandoned with." Don't worry, the organization commented that mama is doing great. That's what we like to hear!


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