Mission Complete: Ben Gravy Surfs Norway During '7 Seas in 7 Days' Tour

At the end of October, soft-top connoisseur and novelty wave surfer Ben Gravy embarked on his "7 Seas in 7 Days" tour of the world. Gravy's mission was simple, and that was to surf seven seas in a week.

Japan was his first stop, where he surfed in the ocean and at a wave pool. Next, Gravy scored super-glassy and uncrowded Keramas in Bali, two oceans in Australia, tanker surfed in Galveston, Texas, and made it home to surf New Jersey.

In his latest vlog above, Gravy heads to Oslo, Norway, to surf the Arctic Ocean and complete his journey.

Norway is the last stop— and seventh sea— on his itinerary. Mission complete.

Gravy captioned his latest vlog above:

"We finally made it cold & frigid Norway to check off the Arctic Ocean & surf my 7th sea in 7 days! Massive thanks to @RedBullSurfing for making the journey of a lifetime a true reality.

"7 Seas in 7 Days started as one thing & has become something completely different.

"Thanks to everyone who has supported my wacky adventures & my dreams over the past few years! I'm not sure how we're topping this one!? FOR THE DREAM!! - Ben"

Press play above to follow Gravy on his adventure.

His list of seas and places to surf include:

  • North Pacific: Chiba, Japan (check)

  • Indian Ocean: Bali, Indonesia (check)

  • Southern Ocean: Bells Beach Australia (check)

  • South Pacific: Sydney, Australia (check)

  • North Atlantic: Galveston, Texas (check)

  • South Atlantic: Atlantic City, New Jersey (check)

  • Arctic Ocean: Oslo, Norway (check)


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