Miss Piggy's advice for making a relationship last

To celebrate the debut of the trailer for their new movie, "Muppets Most Wanted," the Muppets are taking over Yahoo Entertainment and Shine. Here is a post written by the ever charming and capricious Miss Piggy herself.

Hello to all of my lovely fans here on Yahoo Shine!

As you know, moi's relationship with Kermie continues to be the golden standard for A-list celebrity relationships. With that, moi has decided to give everyone here at Shine a peek into what has kept our fire alive for [number omitted to prevent you from guessing Miss Piggy's youthful age] years!
1. Never underestimate the joy of a quiet night in
Sometimes it’s nice to take a night off from the glamourous red carpet events, the dinners at Beverly Hills’ hottest restaurants, and parties with moi’s fellow Hollywood elite…yes, sometimes. Every once in a while (when moi doesn’t get moi’s way), Kermie and I stay in, watch TV, enjoy each other’s company over a romantic candlelight dinner. As he always says, “time’s fun when you’re having flies!”

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2. Don’t be afraid to miss each other
One of the reasons Kermie and moi have lasted so long is that we have our own lives apart from each other: Moi has trips to Paris Fashion Week (tres chic!) and Kermie has his swamp. The time we spend apart just brings us closer and closer together because we long to be back in each other’s arms. Just last week, I brought up the idea of marrying at Geroge’s chateau at Lake Como and Kermie suddenly got called for a meeting with the head of the studio and moi couldn’t wait for him to get back and keep talking about our future. Unfortunately, the meeting turned into a business trip...but the point is moi misses him and loves him more and more every day. Kissy kissy, Kermie!
3. Surprise each other
The worst thing that could happen in a relationship is too much routine and boredom. Moi likes to surprise Kermie with trips, clothes, jewelry, elaborate home remodels, and anything else that strikes moi’s fancy -- it gets him every time!
4. Don’t let money become an issue
This is one area that has definitely never become an issue with Kermie and I: Kermie manages it and I manage to spend it! Tres fabulous!
5. Honesty and trust
These are two things that are a MUST in any relationship (Louboutins and pearls are a close 3rd and 4th!). Kermie and moi have lasted so long because honesty and trust have always been the foundation of our partnership. He’s also seen the damage that my karate chop can cause, which brings me to moi’s the most important ingredient in keeping your man or lady by your side:
6. Fear

As you know, moi is back and better than ever in a brand new movie, Muppets Most Wanted, coming to theatres March 21, 2014! It, like moi, will be nothing short of fantastique! Have a look at the brand new trailer (and all of moi screen time) now: