Miss Your Friends RN? Lure Them Back into Your Life With These 12 Earnestly Wonderful Games to Play Over Zoom

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Photo credit: khadija horton

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Since we're on what seems like year 45 of quarantine, it's time to seriously talk about the new way of life we've all sort of adapted to—aka, literally just "hanging out" at home on the internet. I mean, if we want to do anything with our friends, it requires setting a time for a FaceTime or Zoom call where you're pretty much limited to talking and virtually getting drunk together. Don't get me wrong, chatting and drinking are two of my favorite things, but online ~experiences~ are never the same compared to in person. SIGH.

While we're counting down the days till we can just freakin' hug our frands again, we've gathered up a bunch of games you can play over Zoom that'll keep that friendship spark alive. That's a real thing, ya'll!

Most are traditional games you've def played before. And you can easily incorporate booze into the mix if you're down! So, without further ado, here are easy peasy games you can play in your next scheduled Zoom hangout.

Never Have I Ever

Other than a computer or phone, literally all you need to play this game are your fingers! You know how this goes: Hold up five or 10 fingers and share something you have never actually done. If someone HAS done that thing, they put a finger down. Take turns sharing until someone has no fingers left to play with. The reward for their ambitious lifestyle: a tequila shot.


Before you play this iconic game, you're going to have to split up into teams. (Pro tip: keep it to two teams for minimal stress.) Assign one person on each team to be the *artiste*, mediocre, Van Gogh-type art skills are a plus. Oh, and use this random Pictionary word generator to round up ideas, so you don't have to do the extra work.

Two Truths and a Lie

Jot down two real facts about you and one that is totally fake. Read them to your opponent and they have to guess which one is the lie! It's a great way to see which of your friends are gullible as hell.

Heads Up!

If you've never played Heads Up!, it's time to change that. First, download the app. Then, pick a category like celebrities, movies, music, whatever. When it's your turn, hold the phone to your forehead so other players can describe the word on your screen to you. Shouting will inevitably happen, you'll like it. The person with the most correct guesses wins!


I never knew how much I'd actually want to play some go fish with my pals until I couldn't. With PlayingCards.io you can choose from a series of virtual versions of your fave games, like go fish, crazy eights, and 500.


There's nothing like Scattergories to really get the people GOING. The rules are simple: Randomly choose a letter and five categories. Then, players have 60 seconds think of things related to each category that start with the assigned letter. You get a point for every category you get right and double if you do more than 0ne. Here's a generator to help you choose categories and letters.


It's like two truths and a lie, but with more lies thought up by your frands. With this one, everyone has to download the app onto their phone. Don't fret, it doesn't cost a dime! The host chooses a question. Then, the app sends the players the Q and they'll think of an answer that's, well, outrageously fake. But, the thing is, the real answer also *sounds* outrageously fake. So the host will have to try to choose the correct one and sus out the frauds!


Split Zoom attendees into two teams. Then, one person from each team will select a word or phrase using this Charades words and phrases generator. That person has to act out (no talking or sounds permitted!) their assigned phrases for their teammates to try to guess. Each team takes turns guessing, and the more words and phrases a team guesses correctly, the more points they receive. The team with the most points wins!

Scavenger Hunt

It's time to take this childhood game to the next level. Compile a list of 10 or so items that you want your friends to find in their homes. Get creative and weird with it. Have them search through their closet for their first-ever concert tee or their middle school diary. Don't make this easy for them!

Cards Against Humanity

Okay, so, it's not exactly the OG Cards Against Humanity in interweb form, but it's pretty close. If you and your squad are in the mood to play the raunchy game (but obviously can't do it with the actual cards because of quarantine), the website All Bad Cards is your one stop, online spot! Create a new game, share the link, and lol forever.


Challenge your friends to a classique game of trivia! Either come up with your own set of questions beforehand or use this supes simple question generator that has them prepped and ready for Zoom game night. Designate someone to lead the question asking and have everyone drop their answers in the chat or just say them out loud.

Most Likely To...

So you're definitely going to need more than two people for this one. Gather up a bunch of friends and family, then come up with questions like, "Who's most likely to run for president? or "Who's most likely to do something embarrassing in public?" Take turns asking Qs and whoever gets the most votes on a question has to drink pickle juice or something weird in their kitchen.

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