Mischievous toddler accidentally soaks dad with garden hose in adorable TikTok

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This TikTok parent shared a hilarious video showing why it’s a bad idea to give a toddler control of a garden hose!

Clare (@cerwoodford) is a mom and TikToker who shares sweet and funny videos of her dog and toddler son. In a recent video, Clare shared the moment she and her husband realized it might not be a good idea to let their toddler try to clean the tiles outside their home with a garden hose. In the hilarious video, Clare’s 17-month-old first sprays the sides of the house, and then his father with the hose!

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The video begins with a shot of Clare’s toddler standing outside the house wearing a hoodie and red rain boots. Clare’s husband supervises as the toddler sprays the ground with a garden hose. For a moment, all goes according to plan, and the toddler calmly sprays the tiles outside the house with the hose.

But then, the toddler aims the hose towards the upper stories of the house. At first, Clare’s husband doesn’t notice that the toddler’s aim has changed. He is staring into the house, looking into the camera at Clare as she films him.

But then, he senses that the scene behind him has shifted. He turns around, and quickly grabs the hose out of the toddler’s hands. Then, he points the hose at the ground, demonstrating for the toddler the job that needs to be done.

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However, as soon as Clare’s husband returns the hose to the toddler, he points it up at the house once again. Clare’s husband gently grasps the toddler’s arm and points it towards the ground again.

But the stubborn toddler wants to spray the house with the hose, and immediately lifts his arm again. Then, suddenly, the toddler turns around and sprays his dad with the hose!

Clare’s husband jumps in the air, just as the toddler loses his balance and falls onto the ground. Finally, Clare’s husband takes the hose away from the toddler and turns it off, as both husband and wife laugh at the situation. A caption reads, “Note to self: Don’t give the 17-month-old the hose.”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the hilarious toddler!

“I’m dying! And it’s one in the morning!” one viewer wrote.

“Made my day!” another TikToker commented.

“Funniest thing I’ve seen all day,” wrote another viewer.

Clare and her husband certainly learned a hilarious lesson about the need to seek out age appropriate toddler activities!

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