Miranda Lambert Uses This Brightening Face and Eye Mask Duo Before Every Concert

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Miranda Lambert Swears By These Brightening MasksAlberto E. Rodriguez - Getty Images

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There’s “a lot of glitter involved” in Miranda Lambert’s stage makeup, she recently told E! News, and her ongoing Las Vegas Residency—which consists of multiple shows a week—is putting her skin through it. That’s why, before every concert, she religiously preps her complexion with two nourishing face masks: Skin111’s Rose Gold Brightening Sheet Mask and Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Masks.

Unlike traditional thin, papery sheet masks, the Skin11 Brightening Sheet Mask is made of hydrogel, which means it’s less likely to rip during application, and the thicker material acts as a stronger occlusive to really lock the serum into the skin (not to mention, the metallic finish just looks really cool). The mask contains hydrating glycerin, calming niacinamide, and rose extract to hydrate and brighten, and the Illuminating Eye Masks, which contain similar ingredients in targeted concentrations for the eye area, are its match made in heaven. You can even wear them both at the same time.

Lambert, 39, told E! that the hydrating treatments are always a skin prep go-to, and their reviews help us understand why. “It makes your skin look instantly refreshed and glowing and your pores look smaller and softer,” one Amazon shopper wrote of the mask. Another said that their skin “feels so moisturized and dewy” after use. Someone else wrote that the masks are “worth every penny.”

The brand recommends leaving both the eye and face masks on for 20 minutes, which likely gives Lambert just enough time to relax and reset before hitting the stage. After removing them, she told E! that she locks in all of that hydration (which is especially necessary in the Vegas desert) with True Botanicals’ Pure Radiance Oil, a favorite of Brooke Shields and Eva Mendes’. “I like to use sunscreen under my makeup because I feel like the UV lights can be harsh on your skin,” she added. “So I wear sunscreen all the time.”

After a long evening of performing, the “Somethin’ Bad” singer entrusts the task of makeup removal to two products, “SkinCeuticals Soothing Cleanser Foam, plus a makeup wipe,” both of which are much needed to achieve a squeaky clean canvas. Then, the whole cycle begins again.

If such a simple routine is good enough to keep Lambert’s skin glowing during an intense Vegas residency, it’s definitely good enough for us. You can shop her entire Vegas survival kit—including her “go-to” hair mask—below!

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