Miranda Lambert and Her Husband Are Hitting the Road with Their Newest Family Member

From House Beautiful

  • Normally, country star Miranda Lambert finds herself on the road, as she tours and performs around the country.

  • As stay-at-home orders continue, the Miranda has been missing her time on the road.

  • To recreate the inspiration she experiences while touring, she bought an Airstream trailer so that she and her husband can hit the road together.

Like many celebrities, Miranda Lambert has remained active on social media to help make matters as normal as possible during the COVID-19 quarantine. While we’ve loved seeing the “It All Comes Out In The Wash” singer donning dinosaur sweatpants while cooking, standing beside Joe Exotic in the most epic throwback, and joining the Junk Gypsies for a virtual prom, her most recent post captured our attention most.

In a raw snapshot into her world, Miranda shared the realities of touring with followers and what she’s doing during social distancing to keep her creativity high.

“Sunday thoughts,” the 36-year-old singer began. “When people ask me questions about all the traveling I’ve done, my answer is pretty much the same every time. ‘I’ve been everywhere but I haven’t seen much of anything.’”

Despite touring for 19 years, Miranda shared that she typically rolls into town solely for the show, wraps things up after her performance is over, and heads on to the next town. And now, more than ever, she’s realizing what a shame it is to only have spent “some real time” in a few places.

“After spending these last few months at home (a much needed break and time to nest❤️) I realized something,” Miranda continued. “Just because I can’t travel and play shows doesn’t mean I can’t travel and make music. I have the most amazing travel companion, my husband, and we decided to add a family member.”

She then went on to introduce followers to her new travel companion—a shiny trailer that, let’s be honest, many of us would love to have parked in our own driveway.

“Y’all Meet ‘The Sheriff,’” she wrote. “A 2020 Airstream Globetrotter. (thanks @rocketcityrv) I’ve been a vintage trailer collector for years and this is my very first new one. I’m letting go of a few vintage to make room for adventure in this silver gem! I don’t like change but I’m learning to embrace it. Until I get back on Elvira and tour, I’ll be pulling this rig all over the country. I know that seeing the world through the windshield again will bring creative vibes.”

Now we just hope she makes our way to all of our towns so we can see her jetting around in silver style.

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