Minka Kelly Recounts 'Toxic' Relationship With 'Friday Night Lights' Costar

Actress Minka Kelly is getting honest about her dating history in her debut memoir, Tell Me Everything, opening up about her past romance with Friday Night Lights co-star Taylor Kitsch.

The actress confirmed in her new book, via TODAY.com, what many fans suspected, that Kelly and Kitsch, who played on-screen love interests, were together off-screen as well.

She said that when they first met, Kitsch "took [her] breath away," adding, "The chemistry between us was intense."

But Kelly said that the two young actors were warned by Friday Night Lights executive producer Peter Berg to not get romantically involved while acting together.

Kelly recounted the meeting: "He basically said, 'Don’t f-----g do it. It’s not a good idea and it always ends badly.' He didn’t know he was too late. Or at least pretended he didn’t."

In her memoir, Kelly then describes finding out that her mother had cancer and turning to Kitsch for comfort and companionship.

She said, "There was often stress between the people I’d thought of as my friends, and I was left feeling lonely and confused...Taylor became my medicine to help ease the pain. I was living by the ol’ adage, ‘the fastest way to get over someone is underneath another.’”

The actress stated that Berg ended up being right, describing how "All the good feelings that had been present at the outset began to deteriorate. I guess that’s just what happens when you work together on a show; it’s a lot of pressure, and filming scenes again and again with the same people can sometimes bring out aspects of personalities that are less than stellar.”

Kelly went on to recall how she went back to Kitsch many times, spending time with him when she could've been bonding with her other co-stars, like Zach Gilford and Aimee Teegarden.

Her description of her and Kitsch's relationship is certainly similar to the toxic on-and-off relationship of their two characters in the show, Lyla Garrity and Tim Riggins.

Summing up the two's history during Friday Night Lights, Kelly said that they "ended up getting back together and breaking up more times than (she) can count."

"Now, when I think back to that breakfast with Peter Berg, I wished I’d listened to him," she concluded.