Minister's off-script moment leaves bride and groom baffled

Olivia Mancuso’s wedding ceremony was truly stunning — a sight to behold in more ways than one. Unfortunately, though, an improvised moment involving the minister stole the show for a few moments. Olivia shared footage of the bizarre twist with her TikTok followers in honor of her one-year anniversary with her husband. We see the happy couple standing at the altar admiring one another as the officiant speaks, when suddenly she begins to sing in a high-pitched voice, . and the entire vibe of the ceremony changes. Olivia and her husband, Fred, exchange glances and make it perfectly that this is not going according to plan. “I was shocked and angry [...] but once all my relatives and friends came up to me laughing their a**es off about it I just had to laugh too,” Olivia said. Ultimately, though, Olivia and Fred still tipped the officiant “generously.” “At the end of the day it was an amazing wedding and so much fun”