These minimalist jewelry dupes are the perfect addition to any outfit

These tips will make your jewelry last, no matter the price

Video Transcript

- Hi, friends I'm Monica. And this is In The Know Duped. The series where we find low cost alternatives to your favorite high-end luxury products. Trends come and go, but the best ones tend to stick around longer than a season or two. That's certainly the case for the paper clip chain necklace.


I'm sure many of us had tried cheap jewelry, especially when we were younger. The problem, of course, is that they easily tarnish, break, or leave bluish green stains on our skin. Enter the large paperclip chain necklace. It's an 18 karat gold from Kendra Scott, and it is fabulous. But it is also $200. Luckily you can find a variety of many cheaper price points for this sort of jewelry online.

Take for example, this paper clip chain necklace from Pavoi. You can find it for only 12.95 on Amazon. So you know it'll be at your doorstep in no time. This is a 14 karat gold plated necklace. And as with all paperclip necklaces, it's great to wear on its own or layered with other jewelry. It definitely has a minimalistic edge to it. And the gold plated lobster class keeps it totally secure.

Now that you have this beautiful jewelry, how do you keep it looking as good as the day you bought it? Well, my friends, I have just the product for you. This is the eternal jewelry coating protective polish. And at $15 a pop, this miracle product, honestly, is far more affordable than its more expensive counterparts.

Now this looks like nail polish, but it does so much more. You just put a coating on your jewelry. And you allow it to dry. And it will repel dust and water. It'll prevent wear and tear. And it'll keep your jewelry from tarnishing. And the best part, it'll maintain the original look and feel of your jewelry. You can also order the eternal jewelry coating clear protective polish on their website or on Amazon.

These dupes are perfect for people who want to try out the paperclip trend who are either on a budget or not willing to commit 100% to it yet. I'm Monica. And this is In The Know Duped. See you next time.