Miniature Poodle Gets a 'Bad Haircut' and People Are Having a Field Day

It's happened to the best of us, Papa.

Papa the Miniature Poodle is already a TikTok star, but now he's gone viral for the silliest reason--a bad haircut! That's right, this innocent miniature Poodle was given an extremely unflattering cut at his latest grooming session, and his followers are having a field day. And to think-- @ashlandavenue almost didn't share her pup's new look!

Even though Papa's hair will grow out, we just can't help laughing about it. After all, we've all experienced a bad haircut at least once in our lives!

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OMG! We're so sorry, Papa! Bad haircuts feel like the absolute worst, especially when people are doing crazy things like filming your new 'do. At least it got you lots of new viewers, though! Besides, Papa's true fans will stick around, no matter what his fur looks like.

"We still here sis, we all know the pain," wrote @ricky_bobby2020. Exactly! It'll take a lot more than a haircut to get rid of true fans. Still, it's impossible to ignore the startling change!

"I thought you got a new puppy," said @stormjean43. LOL! We see what you mean, though. Papa looks like an entirely different dog without all of his fluff on top! We might be able to get used to this look, but it'll take a good, long while.

We laughed out loud at @meeshon4's comment: "he's still cute, but the afro made the nene voice-overs more convincing. The 'tude was contained in the 'fro." Hilarious--but so true! His fluffy top just fits so well with his sparkling personality, and it will certainly be missed. Even his mama said, "that’s why I’ll be posting old content for the next month." Fair enough!

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