Mini Skirts and Boots Ruled the Streets on Day 2 of Paris Fashion Week

Call it the Courrèges effect.

<p>Photos: Imaxtree</p>

Photos: Imaxtree

The chic levels were at an all-time high on the second day of Paris Fashion Week. As usual, the Parisian street style scene had a certain je ne sais quoi that resonated throughout the day by way of tried-and-true wardrobe staples, styled uniquely by each show-goer. Perhaps most noticeable was the presence of boots — whether knee-high, ankle or calf-length — and mini skirts.

Though the two classics weren't always styled together, we can't help but think Courrèges's earlier Fall 2023 runway show had a little something to do with it. Many street style looks emulated similar silhouettes to the Paris-based brand's show, proving itself as a proper cool, French girl label.

By opting for a boot over a heel, showgoers proved beauty doesn't always have to involve a painful stiletto. Chunky platform boots were spotted frequently, showcasing a transition to comfy-chic rather than being unnecessarily sleek at all times. Then again, there were few sneakers in sight, upholding the Parisian boundary for what comfy-chic can — and should — mean.

Plenty of mini-skirt hemlines were met by long-dusting trenches and wool coats, creating a contrasting, yet elongated silhouette French fashion loves to convey. Skinny trousers could also be seen on several people, indicating their seemingly imminent resurgence.

Whether through oversized purses, statement sunglasses, fancy hoodies or exquisite outerwear, Paris proved its ability to once again churn out dress effortlessly chic and polished looks for the ever-so-stylish city.

Scroll down to see the 38 best looks from day two of Paris Fashion Week.

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