Mini Australian Shepherd's Reaction to Family Coming Home Is Pure Love

She missed her family so much!

With so many families traveling during the holiday season, a lot of pet parents relied on kennels and pet sitters and neighbors to watch their fur babies when they were away. Such is the case with TikTok account holder @_Hhh_Farm, who left their adorable mini Australian Shepherd with their neighbors while they were gone.

Check out their adorable dog Shelby rush comes with lighting speed to see her family! It's beyond sweet.

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She couldn't have run any faster! TikTok users are charmed by this excited pup with @Flark22 commenting, "People who say “it’s just a dog!!!, NEVER experienced coming home and being greeted with unconditional PUP love! Bless her soul!!" @Michelle adds, "The whole time she was running I know in her head “omg omg omg omg omg they’re back omg omg” Awwwww! "I'm not crying, you are. We don't deserve dogs. Her little legs running so fast, bless that baby, " types @Lisa. 

It's too sweet seeing this family reunited again. We just love a happy homecoming. 

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