Mindy Kaling's Legs Are *So* Toned In Pics From 'Velma' Comic Con Event

Mindy Kaling's Legs Are *So* Toned In Pics From 'Velma' Comic Con Event
  • It's been a big week for both Mindy Kaling and the cartoon character she's now voicing, Scooby Doo's Velma Dinkley.

  • Mindy hit NYC's Comic Con with her sculpted legs, cool miniskirt, and towering heels for a Q&A about her new role.

  • Mindy has found new ways to enjoy her workouts, and she mixes things up to keep it interesting.

Mindy Kaling is an icon for so many reasons, but now you can add "the voice of a beloved LBTQ character (and a comedic one at that)" to the list.

Yup, Mindy was just announced as the voice of beloved cartoon character Velma Dinkley in the new HBO Max series, Velma. And it's been a big week for this sweater-loving smarty pants, too, because another new film, Trick or Treat Scooby Doo!, finally shows everyone that her character has a big fat crush on costume designer Coco Diablo.

Of course, Mindy, 43, is promoting her show in style, rocking the heck out of an orange (perhaps inspired by the character?) and purple miniskirt set. And as she answered questions, it was hard not to notice how strong and toned her legs were.

Photo credit: Bryan Bedder - Getty Images
Photo credit: Bryan Bedder - Getty Images

Plus, here she is on her own IG page doing a cute audience selfie:

Back in May, Mindy told SELF that she’s the “healthiest I’ve ever been,” and it definitely seems like she's glowing. Mindy's newfound love of fitness (she made it very clear in the past that she hated working out) has made Mindy “funnier, more focused, and centered.”

“In my 20s, I thought working out was only effective if it was very punishing, you hated it, and it was kind of solitary. And you had to look a certain way after doing it,” she said. But she learned, “[exercise] doesn’t have to be this thing where I was sedentary the whole day and then I had an hour of a burst of activity.”

Nowadays, Mindy will walk while talking on the phone, often logging up to four miles a day, which is seriously impressive, especially for a busy mom of two. Mindy also mixes things up with other exercises, like running, weight training, yoga, and group fitness, so that things don’t get “monotonous,” she said.

Her go-to, she told Shape, is jogging three to four miles a few times a week.

As far as her diet, Mindy is pretty flexible. She told Women’s Health she eats “everything,” adding, “I think I’m the only person in L.A. without dietary restrictions.” That could mean having a green smoothie and eggs for breakfast, sushi or a turkey sandwich for lunch, and pizza or fish for dinner. Yum!

"I always have dessert. Like, it’s a non-negotiable," Mindy says. "Between what people who come to my house bring, I feel like we always have little treats and sweets around."

A balanced, honest, talented star. I love to see it, Mindy!

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