Mindy Kaling’s Booty 🍑 Is Next-Level Toned In A New Swimsuit Pic On IG

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Check Out Mindy Kaling's New Swimsuit Pic On IG Axelle/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

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As Mindy Kaling's character from The Mindy Project once said of herself, she is "a hot, smart woman, with an ass that doesn't quit." And, so true: She recently flaunted her booty that doesn't quit (plus her super toned legs) and arms in her latest Instagram photo, which also announced her new swimwear collection with Andie Swim.

While I am very excited for this new line of swimsuits, I can't get over how powerful she looks in her pic! The 43-year-old comedian and producer wore a yellow Amalfi style one-piece from her Andie collection, and looked strong all over. Not to mention, she's standing in front of the most picturesque beach I've ever seen.

People are already freaking out over Mindy's post and the news. "Wowww about freaking time! She looks stunning wow!!! Crying screaming throwing up ❤️," wrote one fan. (ICYDK, "crying screaming throwing up" is a huge compliment in Gen Z speak). Kerry Washington even threw in her own praise: "AMAZING," the Scandal actress wrote.

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Even Mindy herself was excited to share the news, given that swimsuit shopping is not always a great time for everyone. "I am not crazy about trying on swimsuits," she wrote in her post. "In fact, I kind of famously despise it? But these [swimsuits] are so flattering, I promise your favorite suit is in this collection." You can shop her look here, or scroll down to shop some Women's Health-approved suits.

Mindy's fitness routine has had everyone buzzing lately, given her recent weight loss—so I wouldn't blame you if you are dying to know her exercise regimen. The star hasn't revealed too many specifics about her workout routines, but she did say she tries to run or hike at least 20 miles every week—plus she lifts weights with a trainer, per PEOPLE.

"It's hard with two kids that I wake up really early and I fit [a workout] in—and I basically live in workout clothes so I can get an extra mile in," she told PEOPLE.

Wearing workout clothes all day sounds like a great (and comfy) motivator! As for her diet, Mindy previously told WH that she might be "the only person in L.A. without dietary restrictions," and enjoys Korean and Ethiopian food. More recently, she's also said that she tries to keep what she eats in "moderation," per TODAY.

While Mindy's weight loss seems significant, she asserts that she hasn't changed her habits to achieve any number on the scale. She told TODAY in 2022 that she doesn't weigh herself. It's more about how she feels.

"I'm feeling really confident in my body these days," Mindy recently told PEOPLE.

I love it! Go Mindy!

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