Millennials Know Squat About Clothing Care & It's Hurting The Environment


Erin Yamagata

By Leeann Duggan

A new study found that when it comes to basic clothing care and repair skills, millennials basically know jack squat. And, it’s contributing to literally tons of waste.

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The study, from University of Missouri-Columbia, surveyed 500 people in the U.S. and found that many more baby boomers possessed skills such as sewing, hemming, button repair, and “general laundry knowledge” than those in the 18-33 age range. The study’s authors note that many millennials never took a home ec course or were taught to sew at home.

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Aside from our general helplessness with hems and buttons, there’s a greater implication to millennials’ lack of basic clothing maintenance skills. Namely, it’s taking a toll on the environment. The study’s author, professor Pamela Norum, said that in 2012, “Americans created more than 14.3 million tons of textile waste, [much of it] due to clothes being discarded due to minor tears or stains.”

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So, while no one is suggesting that millennials give up bar-hopping and instead stay in to darn their socks, it would clearly behoove us all to brush up on our clothing maintenance skills. Because, tossing out (or meekly attempting to return) a shirt with a missing button is no one’s idea of sustainability. (Science Daily

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