How A Millennial Lyft Driver Used The Gig To Travel To All 50 States

Lyft driver on the highway
Lyft driver on the highway

In what reads like the plot of an inspiring road trip movie, Kreskin J. Torres, a millennial Lyft driver, has managed to turn his gig driving into a cross-country food adventure. Torres has reached all 50 states, sharing his experiences through his blog, Rideshare Foodie.

His journey started with a desire to see as much of America as possible. The mission has since evolved to connect with people and cultures through the universal language of food.

Why Kreskin Torres Began His Lyft Journey to All 50 States

Torres’s adventure began six years ago when, at 28, he was bitten by the travel bug after his first international trip to the United Kingdom. Realizing the vastness and diversity of his country, he set a goal to drive through every state. Torres aimed to connect with as many people as possible through the various dishes defining each place’s history and culture. On February 4, 2018, with 40,000 miles on his sedan, Torres started his trip from Baltimore, Maryland. His first stop: California.

Little did he know this trip would evolve into a full-blown exploration of America’s culinary diversity. Using Lyft to meet people and network, Torres has made it his goal to visit the small hometowns of passengers. He asks them where they were born and raised and takes notes on where to go and what to eat. His approach has allowed him to try dishes as varied as chili and cinnamon rolls in Nebraska, Polish Boy in Cleveland, and even reindeer hot dogs in Anchorage, Alaska.

A reflection of his curiosity and willingness to try new things, Torres’s top 10 dishes highlight the broad spectrum of American food. Beyond the food, Torres’s journey is a story of community and connection. He has spent holidays with families, attended local events, and used every opportunity to immerse himself in the local culture. His favorite place, Jackson, Mississippi, exemplifies the warmth and hospitality he has found across the country. Torres highlighted the kindness of strangers when his car broke down.

Embracing Local Cultures Outside Food

Torres’s dedication to experiencing local life goes beyond just tasting the food. He intentionally engages with the community, visiting homeless and animal shelters and showing appreciation for local services. This commitment has led him to see over 2,000 small businesses nationwide, supporting them while sharing his experiences on social media and his Rideshare Foodie blog.

Looking ahead, Torres is working on a book about his travels and developing a mobile food app to help others connect with local cultures through food. Through these projects, Torres hopes to inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and explore more of America. With 360,000 miles on his car and no plans of stopping, Torres inspires others by showing that sometimes the best way to understand the world, and each other, is to simply hit the road and see where it can take you.