Military Sergeant Has Touching Reunion with Dog He Served With

Brave Bady is so excited to be reunited with his handler.

There have been many heartwarming reunions between military personnel and their dogs, but one particularly touching reunion occurred between a military sergeant and his 10-year-old German Shepherd, Bady on Monday — National K9 Veterans Day.

Sgt. Adamma Bilal served with Bady for a year and a half in South Korea where Bady was an explosive detection military dog. Military working dogs are specially trained to perform a variety of tasks such as detecting explosives and other dangerous materials. They are also trained to perform patrol duties, search and rescue, and tracking. Sergeant Bilal had to leave Bady overseas after he was reassigned to a new duty station. reports, "He's my best friend," Bilal said. “I couldn’t be more excited to see him. I am ready to get him home, let him run on the beach and have a good time."

@BarbMclendon comments, "Wow. Thank you also for serving our Country. God Bless you both." @marklowe adds, "MWD's are the best!!"

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Awwww, this reunion is just so touching and serves as a powerful reminder of the bond between dogs and their people. Especially the brave men and women of the military who work with these incredible dogs. We just love that whole body wiggle Bady has after seeing his person! The article also states that Bady and Bilal are now off to Florida to enjoy the dog's retirement and their friendship of a lifetime.

Thank you both for your service Bady and Sergeant Bilal!

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