Miley Cyrus Is All Sculpted Abs Promoting Her New Album In A Bikini On IG

Miley Cyrus Is All Sculpted Abs Promoting Her New Album In A Bikini On IG

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  • Miley Cyrus is about to drop her latest album, and she's making sure to promote herself big time on Instagram.

  • The singer, 30, posed in a bikini, showing off her toned abs and legs, reminding everyone her album was coming out on March 10.

  • Miley loves doing yoga and follows a plant-based diet.

Miley Cyrus is having a moment. The star dropped an incredible, independent girl anthem called "Flowers" last month, and things are only continuing to heat up as she heads toward the release of her brand new album, Endless Summer Vacation, on March 10.

In a new photo she posted to promote the album release, Miley, 30, posed in a red bikini while doing a glamorous side-body stretch pose, showing off her strong abs and toned legs. Seriously, this woman has an 8-pack.

“I’m driving around town in a beat up old mercedes, you think I’m crazy. You might be right," she captioned the strong picture. And if you think she's possibly hinting at new lyrics from Endless Summer Vacation, I'm right there with you.

People were thrilled to see Miley looking so strong and confident on IG, and her fans are even more excited for the album release. “This album is gonna slap,” one of her followers wrote. Others were simply at a loss for words, it seems, and instead flooded the comments section with fire emojis.

If you’re wondering how Miley maintains her strong physique while living her pop star dreams, I’ve got you covered.

The singer loves doing yoga and Pilates workouts and even shared some behind-the-scenes footage of herself crushing an ab circuit on a reformer machine. In the video, Miley keeps her core engaged, stretching her legs into a yoga boat pose while turning to hit her oblique muscles and holding a resistance band over her head. That takes some serious core and arm strength, which clearly, Miley has covered.

The singer attributes her core strength to her Ashtanga yoga practice, which she has been doing for more than a decade. "The thing about Ashtanga yoga is that sometimes it can be really uninspiring because the teacher will say, ‘Oh, don’t worry that’s just going to take you 10 years [to get], and you’re like ‘Wait, what?'" Miley told Jimmy Kimmel during an appearance in 2017. And yoga is clearly still a part of Miley’s regular wellness routine, as evidenced by these epic splits on her IG.

When she’s prepping for a show, Miley appears to use the treadmill to get her heart rate up while belting her greatest hits. Nothing says great cardio like singing while breathing hard!

As far as her diet goes, Miley used to be vegan but eventually realized it wasn’t really working for her body.

"Now I'm so much sharper than I was and I think that I was, at one point, pretty malnutritioned," she told Us Weekly in September 2020, explaining that she now follows a plant-based diet because she was having joint pain and brain fog. "I remember going to Glastonbury [music festival] and that was a show that I loved—I loved my performance—but I was running on empty."

Keep taking care of you, Miley! Counting down the days until this album drops!

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