Miley Cyrus Matched Her High-Cut Gold Bathing Suit to Her Mirrored Shades

Heavy metal, but make it pool-ready.

<p>Arturo Holmes/Getty Images</p>

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

While the rest of the world is counting down the days to their first beach trip of 2023 or some serious time at the pool, Miley Cyrus has been parading around in swimwear for most of the year already. She's shared multiple photos of herself in white bathing suitstiny red bikinis, and way back when, even had a green one grace our feeds, but today, she offered up a glimmering gold one-piece that'll have you rethinking that red Baywatch pick that's been hanging out in your shopping cart for weeks now.

<p>Arturo Holmes/Getty Images</p>

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

In a new Instagram post, Cyrus posed wearing a high-cut gold bathing suit that perfectly matched the reflective gold finish on her shield-style sunglasses. The suit was cut super low on the sides, giving a peek at Cyrus's many tattoos, and was super high on the bottoms, offering another chance for Cyrus to show off plenty of skin. She posed with her arms above her head and looked to be happier than ever, which is something she mentioned recently as she rides high on the success of her latest track, "Flowers."

"We went to Hell, but we never came back," she captioned today's glittering image, referencing her song "Jaded" off the Endless Summer Vacation album.

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Fans may remember that Cyrus had a cameo in an after-credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. For anyone expecting her to reprise the role, director James Gunn offered up his sincerest apologies. In the recent third installment of the superhero saga, Tara Strong replaced Cyrus as the voice of Mainframe, much to fans' dismay. Gunn confirmed the change on Twitter.



Mainframe was part of Yondu’s original Guardians of the Galaxy team, which also featured Michael Rosenbaum’s Martinex and Michelle Yeoh’s Aleta Ogord.

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