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Miley Cyrus' Abs And Legs Look So Freakin' Toned In Her Latest Instagram Story Snap

Emily Shiffer
·2 min read
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From Women's Health

  • Miley Cyrus just showed off her toned abs and legs in a new Instagram Story photo.

  • The singer is a huge fan of ashtanga yoga, a physically-demanding style of yoga.

  • She's also recently shared videos of herself singing and running on a treadmill.

Miley Cyrus is still basking in the glow of her super successful Super Bowl LV pre-show performance. But before the "Midnight Sky" singer took the stage, she took her pre-show training to another level. As Miley prepped for her performance, she shared her intense training regime, which included singing while running on a Peloton treadmill. (Um, impressive!)

She also took to her Peloton treadmill in another video showing her walking and singing. (Also impressive!)

And the "Prisoner" songstress is still keeping herself super fit post-performance, too. On Tuesday, Miley posted a new photo on her Instagram story showing off her super toned abs and legs while rocking a cropped blue t-shirt and tiny blue athletic shorts.

"F*ck it up in the mirror...Hit them poses!!!!!!" she captioned the photo.

To get her body in such good shape, Miley keeps her exercise regime diverse. A longtime yogi, she practices ashtanga, a physically-demanding style of yoga that helps build core strength and flexibility, six days a week, according to Women’s Health Australia.

And she also stays active in other ways. Last year, Miley also posted a video of her doing a super tough wall sit while doing vocal exercises.

She also loves to stay active outdoors by going on hikes.

As for her diet, Miley used to be vegan, but isn't anymore. From 2013 to 2019, Miley said she followed "the strictest [vegan diet] you’ve ever known". But last year, she shared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast that she had given it up. "I was vegan for a very long time, and I’ve had to introduce fish and omegas into my life because my brain wasn't functioning properly," she said. "Now I’m so much sharper than I was and I think that I was, at one point, pretty malnutritioned."

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