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The way to your Valentine's heart? Bacon! Win the day with this microwave tray — down to $15

There's nothing quite as delightful as the smell of sizzling bacon in the morning. But the mess? No thanks. That's why we were elated to discover there's a no-muss, no-fuss route to this classic savory treat. It's a secret tool tons of Amazon shoppers swear by for delicious, crispy bacon, sans splatter. (Put away the griddle, folks; you won't need it.) The Makin Bacon Microwave Bacon Tray, on sale for $15, makes diner-perfect bacon with nary a pan in sight. It's a brilliant gizmo that elevates bacon strips (literally) so they crisp and drip and emerge in their ideal state.

Microwave bacon that's...crispy? It's true! This genius holder fries up that porky goodness to perfection — and keeps your stovetop grease-free.
$15 at Amazon

The Makin' Bacon is easy to use: You just drape bacon strips on the gizmo's wings, place the gadget in the microwave and set the timer to one minute per slice. The splatter-free device cooks the bacon to a perfect crisp, and the tray catches the fat that drips away (you can throw that away or save it for frying other foods).

Cooking the bacon in the air rather than the grease reduces the fat content by 35%, according to the company. "Life changer!" says a bacon aficionado. "Easy to use, fries bacon to crispness quickly, reduced grease, easy to clean. Since I bought it, I have definitely increased my bacon intake."

bacon maker
Perfect bacon, minus the mess (and some of the fat). (Photo: Amazon)

The cleanup is super easy, too — just chuck the Makin' Bacon in the dishwasher! It's made in the USA with high heat plastic, so it won't melt as your breakfast cooks.

"This is the only way I will cook bacon!" another bacon lover shared. "The instructions are on the bottom of the unit so you don't have to save a box or booklet. It says start with 30 seconds per piece of bacon. I use an entire pack of bacon and start with six minutes. I adjust the time after that to get very crispy results, usually another three minutes. It's easy to save the bacon fat in a jar or cup for cooking."

layered bacon
You can layer enough bacon to feed the whole family. (Photo: Amazon)

"This is the best little gadget I have tried in a long time," shared another five-star reviewer. "I lay a paper towel on top and fold to drape over the edges to catch the splatters, program for 1 minute per slice of bacon, and that is it...I usually spread them out, cooking four at a time, and four minutes are about right. I save bacon drippings for seasoning some vegetables, so it is caught in the little tray and all I have to do is pour it into a container and save."

"Awesomeness!" raved a shopper. "This became an instant hit as soon as I received it. Everyone in my home was immediately enthralled as soon as I started using it and the house smelled like bacon. I swear they floated through the house and into the kitchen, as seen in cartoons, in search of bacony goodness. Only to be baffled by the kick of a frying pan or the oven bacon pan. The joy and wonder of their faces as I explained this devices usage and the following demonstration was like the sun bursting through on a cloudy day. They've become addicted to the speed in which they can cook and eat bacon treats. I can only wish that everyone who loves bacon can have one if these in their lives!"

paper towel over bacon
Tip: Place a paper towel over your bacon to keep the splatter to a minimum. (Photo: Amazon)

Even bacon snobs love it! Shares one: "I am such a bacon fan, and in the past refused to eat it unless it was prepared properly — in the frying pan.... This product works great! The bacon is cooked perfectly and comes out crispy. You just have to experiment until you find the exact cooking time for your microwave. I drape the bacon over all 3 racks and cook it for 3 minutes. Perfect!"

Microwave bacon that's...crispy? It's true! This genius holder fries up that porky goodness to perfection — and keeps your stovetop grease-free.
$15 at Amazon

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