The Micro French Manicure Is The Minimalist Nail Trend That's So Easy To Master

micro french manicure
Everything To Know About The Micro French ManicureInstagram/@naturalnailhub

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French manicures—and every variation of them—have been trendy for a while. Between different colored French tips and negative space manicures being all the rage right now, it might be hard to believe that there’s space for another type of French manicure to be entering the chat—but there is.

Meet the micro French manicure.

Meet Our Expert: Anastasia Totty, LeChat Nails Educator

What is a micro French manicure?

The micro French manicure is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: “an elegant ultra-thin French line across the tip of the nail,” says Anastasia Totty, LeChat Nails educator, who adds that it’s a wonderful way to add length to your nails, especially if they’re on the shorter side.

Who does the micro French manicure look best on?

One of the best parts of this trend? It works on any nail length or shape. “On super short nails it visually elongates the nail and makes it look cared for,” Totty says. “On long coffins or stilettos it creates a perfect outline of the beautiful shape.”

Totty’s personally a big fan of the look on almond nails, though. Plus, it allows for a lot of creativity on the artist’s part—you can play with different colors on the tip, like red or black, and add other line art on top.

How do I get a micro French manicure at home?

The best way to achieve a micro French mani on your own is to start with an opaque or shimmery base, Totty explains. That way, it’ll cover the entire nail and natural tip, even if the French tip is thinner than the natural extensions. She recommends a pink such as LeChat Dare to Wear in Paloma, nude or beige opaque nail lacquer, as well as a lacquer-based liner, such as LeChat Nails CM Art Gel White. (Don’t forget to buy a thin liner brush for the micro French line, if you don’t already have one!)

In terms of a step-by-step process for doing the manicure, Totty advises to apply two coats of the lacquer base first, then give them some time to dry. Until it’s fully dry, practice applying the line on a sheet of paper to get accustomed to the brush, then paint the tip of your nail when you’re confident. Scroll ahead for inspiration!

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