Michelle Young Addresses Nayte Olukoya Split Rumors After Being Seen Without Her Engagement Ring

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Sooooooo, apparently Bachelorette Michelle Young was briefly (emphasis on briefly) seen without her engagement ring at a party, and the internet promptly assumed she and Nayte Olukoya had broken up and commenced spiraling. But nope! Not so much / everything is fine.

In a lengthy Instagram Story re-posted by @bachelorteaspill, Michelle said “Okay, I typically don’t come on here and address these types of things, but because I received so many messages about it, there is a video circulating of me on a rooftop this weekend and I’m not wearing my engagement ring. And what I will have to say is, to the person who is paying close enough attention to catch that moment, you also had to be paying close enough attention to see one of my good friends briefly remove my engagement ring to try it on and then place it back on my finger.”

She added, “Just a friendly reminder that Nayte and I, we are human beings, not a zoo exhibit. Not to mention, videoing somebody without them knowing is creepy. It’s not cool.”

Back in December, the couple opened up to People about their wedding plans, with Michelle saying. "The planning is picking up speed. No shade to anybody who wants a long engagement, but that’s not us. We’re like, cool, you’re my person, I’m your person. We’re ready!” Nayte also added, "I’m looking forward to packing up and seeing what Minnesota is like. I’m all in. And I’m excited! We are both leaning toward a summertime wedding.”

Psst: Michelle also joked "We want 10 kids. I'm kidding, but I do want him to myself for a little bit," while Nayte added, "We want to travel around, just be Michelle and Nayte right now. But the kids will come!"

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