Michelle Yeoh's Met Gala Glam Is Super Affordable And Easy To Recreate

michelle yeoh at the met gala and fekkai hair products
Michelle Yeoh Loves This Cheap Ulta BrandBiography; Getty Images, Fekkai

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With her historic Oscars win in March, Everything Everywhere All At Once star Michelle Yeoh won over a new generation of fans who might not be familiar with her work in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Crazy Rich Asians, and Tomorrow Never Dies. We love seeing the AAPI community positively represented in Hollywood and fashion, so when Yeoh walked the Met Gala carpet last night, we were thrilled to see her embrace next-level glamour.

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For her third Met Gala event, Yeoh sported a tuxedo-inspired black-and-white gown by Karl Lagerfeld and rocked a chic updo created by celebrity hairstylist Christopher Naselli.“Beauty is confidence, so I wanted to keep Michelle classic and chic. The dress is so major that we needed to keep the hair sleek and elegant with a bit of edge,” says Naselli. For this, he relied on an arsenal of FEKKAI haircare products, with everything costing $30 and under at Ulta.

Hair Products to Get the Look

Michelle Yeoh's Met Gala Hair Tutorial

michelle yeoh in a black and white gown by karl lagerfeld at the met gala 2023
Getty Images
  • Step 3: Use a metal rat tail comb to create a middle part, then blow-dry hair straight. Naselli suggests starting at the front, working your way around the sides and the back of your hair for the smoothest blowout.

  • Step 6: Next, apply a quarter-sized amount of FEKKAI Brilliant Gloss Glass Hair Anti-Frizz Oil Serum from the top of the hair to the ends. “This is the most important product to achieve that high-gloss, high-shine [look] to create that glass-like finish. Using a boar bristle brush, brush hair into a low sleek ponytail. Secure the pony with an elastic,” he says.

  • Step 8: Separate the ponytail into five sections, mist each section with FEKKAI Full Blown Volume Dry Texturizing Spray, and tease each section from root to ends with a teasing comb. “When all sections are done, lightly smooth out each section, twisting each section around the doughnut to cover it completely, then securing each section with a hairpin underneath the doughnut to create a beautiful, twisted bun. Leave the ends of the last section out to create a feathery, wispy, fan-like shape,” explains Naselli.

Yeoh really loves Fekkai products: During her big Oscars-winning night, she used products from the brand. Legendary French hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai reformulated his namesake haircare line into FEKKAI, which focuses on creating cleaner haircare products free of sulfates.

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