Michael Bublé shares his favorite gifts to give this holiday season

Christmas icon Michael Bublé is sharing his favorite gifts to give this holiday season, including a s'mores maker and matching pajamas for the whole family! Watch the video above to see all his picks.

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Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

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Video Transcript

MICHAEL BUBLÉ: Hey, everybody. It's Michael Bublé. And I'm so excited to get to tell you guys all the cool things that I'm going to be gifting people this year for the holidays right here on "New in the Q."

First gift that I have for you guys is Christmas-Opoly, the board game. The best part of this holiday for me is being with the family. And what better way than to have a great board games and actually be together and laugh and fight a little bit and get a little friendly competition going?

Some matching family pajamas-- I don't think there's anything cooler or more exciting for people than to all get snugged up at night and curl up. 10 years ago, I made a Christmas record. And the truth is I didn't to make it to make money. I made it because I genuinely love this holiday. And to celebrate the 10th-year anniversary, we wanted to put up a super deluxe Christmas album.

I see this holiday through the eyes of my babies now. And I have a great sense of wonderment because of them. So it was really emotional for me to be able to celebrate 10 years. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this one.

I love s'mores. I don't know if there's a better thing in the whole universe to mix some wafers, marshmallows, and chocolate. What I really dig about this, the electric s'mores maker, is that it's kind of a really cool way for us to enjoy a chance to be together again.

Finally, my own can of Bublé. I think it's so cute. The flavor-- it's a mix of, like, raspberry and blackberry and strawberry. But what's cool is they've sort of integrated into the can some very Michael Bublé things. So we've got, like, little-- these little ties, the little music notes at the bottom. You now have an ability to win your own can of Merry Berry Bublé. I hope you guys have a beautiful, safe, and happy holiday and a really happy and prosperous new year.