Menopause ‘taught’ Shania Twain to ‘get over’ what was standing in her way - ‘I’m more fierce than I ever was’

 What the menopause "taught" Shania Twain explained. Seen here is Shania Twain at the 2023 CMT Music Awards.
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The menopause “taught” Shania Twain a lot according to the star who explained that she learnt to “get over” what was standing in her way and become “more fierce” than ever before.

This year has been a momentous one for Shania Twain who not only released her amazing new album, Queen of Me, in February but has since embarked on her tour. The That Don’t Impress Me Much singer has also been incredibly open in recent months about everything from her bizarre pre-performance diet to why she threw away her bra for the Queen of Me album cover artwork.

Ahead of her sold-out performance at New York’s Madison Square Garden in July she sat down with the New York Post and got similarly candid about the valuable lesson her experience of the menopause has “taught” her.

Shania Twain attends The BRIT Awards 2023
Shania Twain attends The BRIT Awards 2023

Reflecting that it was a “very good thing” for her, the singer shared how it meant she had to “come to terms” with a lot of changes.

“I think menopause was a very good thing for me because there were a lot more things changing in everything about me physically that I had to very quickly come to terms with,” she declared. “Menopause taught me to quickly say, ‘You know, it may only get worse. So just love yourself now. Just get over your insecurities — they’re standing in your way. And fear is standing in your way.’”

Shania Twain performs during her Queen of Me Tour
Shania Twain performs during her Queen of Me Tour

This attitude of self-acceptance is something Shania went on to delve into further. She explained that she came to realise that she wasn’t living quite as fearlessly as her songs might suggest and that she wanted to demand this from herself.

Crediting the menopause for inspiring her new approach, she continued, “I always sing about being fearless and all of that. I go there when I write. But I’m not living it the way I’m writing it. And I want to live the way I write. I’m more fierce than I ever was because I really demanded it about myself.”

Embracing herself and feeling empowered is something Shania Twain has previously spoken out about and she hasn’t been afraid to explore new styles with her look over the past few months.

Shania Twain performs on day 3 of the 2023 Faster Horses Music Festival Michigan International Speedway
Shania Twain performs on day 3 of the 2023 Faster Horses Music Festival Michigan International Speedway

So much so, that Shania revealed that on her Queen of Me tour she hadn’t pre-planned outfits and instead was living her fashion life “on the edge” each night.

“It’s always a bit of being on the edge with the looks every night because there’s no wearing it twice,” she said. “It’s a one-time shot — and either it works or it doesn’t. I keep it a little dangerous because I get bored. So I’m really running with it, but I’m really enjoying the intensity of it.”

Meanwhile, Shania previously echoed her remarks about embracing her own fierceness and living “fearlessly” during a discussion with Today’s Hoda Kotb about her decision to pose nude for her Queen of Me album artwork.

"It was so empowering. I'm so glad I did it. It was petrifying. But once I flipped that switch and dove into it, I’m like, ‘I’m in’,” the singer said. “I’m committed 100%, and I wasn't thinking about what anybody thought. I didn't think about who was in the room. This is about me. This is my moment to really embrace myself in vulnerable moments."