This Memory-Foam Travel Pillow Makes It Not So Bad To Fly In The Middle Seat

This Memory-Foam Travel Pillow Makes It Not So Bad To Fly In The Middle Seat

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lifting travel restrictions for both domestic and international trips, many of us are itching to book a flight. Let’s not forget, however, that flying isn’t always super comfortable — especially for those of us who aren’t jetting first-class. That’s where the JetComfy Travel Pillow comes in.

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, you want to be as at ease as possible. Sure, neck pillows are great and all, but JetComfy might have made an even better option. The travel pillow is fully adjustable, which means you can customize the height, swivel, and tilt just for you. It’s made with 2 inches of memory foam that’s sure to be cozier than resting on your travel companion’s shoulder.

To stay in place, the pillow clips onto the armrest. It’ll especially come in handy when you’re trapped in the dreaded plane’s middle seat and desperate to fall asleep. Plus, we’re sure the person behind you will be grateful that you’re not reclining your seat and making their travel experience, well, worse.

If you’re looking at this product and thinking that it’s more gimmicky than functional, you would be wrong. Of course, no invention is perfect, but there are plenty reviews on Amazon saying that the JetComfy Travel Pillow actually works. It appears to be worth the $34.99.

“…I am perennially unable to sleep on a plane. Even with wine. Or homeopathic remedies. Or tricking my brain by resetting my internal clock the day before the flight. Simply put, I don’t sleep on a plane. Until I got a JetComfyPillow,” one buyer wrote. “It saddens me that the airlines themselves don’t provide something similar built in the seats, especially for international flights. That’s how well this works,” wrote another.

As much as we love visiting new places, it can be a real pain getting from point A to point B. So if a product is able to help make the process better and allow you to catch more zzz’s, it’s worth a shot.

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