Walmart's Memorial Day sale is epic — save up to 80 percent!

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Walmart's Memorial Day deals are here! Time to shop! (Photo: Getty Images)
Walmart's Memorial Day deals are unbelievable — time to shop! (Photo: Getty Images)

Memorial Day means three things: Barbecues, beaches and sales. As for the latter? Walmart has you covered.

As part of its Memorial Day shopping bonanza, the retailer just slashed up to 80 percent off basically every kind of thing you'd want. We're talking incredible discounts on TVs, video games, even grills! Take advantage of the biggest discounts right now, before someone else does.

Want to score free shipping? Make sure you’re signed up for Walmart+. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 15-day trial here, but a quick three-question survey will add on an additional two more weeks for a solid 30 days of use. (And by the way, those without Walmart+ still get free shipping on orders of $35 or more.)

Without further ado, here's a boatload of Walmart's Memorial Day can't-miss deals:


A massive 4K TV calls for a massive deep discount! (Photo: Walmart)
A massive 4K TV at a massive discount. (Photo: Walmart)

Want to finally nail down that home-theater setup you swore you'd have in place by spring? Here ya go: This JVC 70-inch Class 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart TV is on sale for just $548 (a cool $352 off). That’s nearly 40 percent off, and the lowest price on the web right now.

The 4K TV set sports a massive 70-inch LED display. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of all the action, thanks to 4K Ultra HD resolution. Some shoppers say the TV is just as good as, if not better than, comparable models from pricier brands.

"We are so pleasantly surprised with this TV!" raved a five-star reviewer. "We needed something bigger for the playroom and didn't want to break the bank like we did with our other TVs...Decided to give this one a try, and it's amazing. The picture quality is top-notch in my opinion and looks no different than my LG or Samsung TVs. The part where it outshines my expensive TVs is the sound, it's incredible! Super impressed and would buy this again and recommend it to anyone who is on the fence. Great job, JVC!"

Check out more TV deals below:

Headphones and earbuds

Turn up the bass! (Photo: Walmart)
Who says stellar headphones have to be expensive? Not us! (Photo: Walmart)

Bass lovers rejoice! If you're looking for a great pair of headphones, we found a deal that's so good, it looks like a typo. These Philips Bass+ Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones really let you feel the music. And they’re on sale for just $40, down from $120 — that’s nearly 70 percent off!

The headphones pump out immersive audio, with clear tones and thumping bass. They’re also extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time, thanks to their cushy ear cups and headband. For this price, you can’t go wrong. “Amazing quality, comfortable, the best!” raved a fan.

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Avengers assemble! (Photo: Walmart)
Avengers assemble! (Photo: Walmart)

If holiday weekend's are about anything, it's about escapism, are we right? Marvel's Avengers for Xbox One — on sale for just $25 for Memorial Day — finds 'Earth's Mightiest Heroes' in San Francisco getting together to solve the mystery of a catastrophic accident. 

The city unwittingly blames the superheroes for the disaster and the team breaks up, only to re-assemble five years later when a young up-and-coming Avenger named Kamala Khan is on the verge of unmasking the unknown villain. Sounds enticing, we know.

Play as Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, Thor and Ms. Marvel to save the world!

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Smart home

I spy a deal! (Photo: Walmart)
I spy a deal! (Photo: Walmart)

On sale for $35 (was $50), the MobiCam Wi-Fi camera creates crisp and clear HD video footage that streams directly to your smartphone via the MobiCam app. Sync it to your home’s Wi-Fi network to keep an eye on your living room, kitchen or bedroom when you’re away at work, running an errand or on vacation.

"This is the best brand I've used so far. It is even clearer than my home security system," raved a five-star reviewer. "The pictures are superb, very clear even from a distance.... You can create and use more than five accounts to view it. I love this cam!"

Said lovable cam can scan up to 110 degrees of space with a wide-angle lens, as well as record up to 20 days of video footage thanks to its built-in microSD card slot. It has night vision and two-way talk audio to alert intruders of your presence. It even has a magnetic base for sturdy placement on not-so-level metallic surfaces.

Check out more smart home deals below:

Work from home

Is it time for a laptop upgrade? (Photo: Walmart)
Is it time for a laptop upgrade? (Photo: Walmart)

For Memorial Day, the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 is on sale for just $369 (down from $699) — nearly 50 percent off! If productivity is your game, then this baby came to play. Its brilliant HD 14-inch LED display makes everything look stellar, from spreadsheets to YouTube videos. And thanks to a speedy and powerful AMD Ryzen 3 4300U Octa-Core Processor paired with 4GB of memory and 128GB of on-board storage, this beauty can handle just about any task you throw at it. The laptop even doubles as a Windows 10 tablet.

“Amazing laptop, perfect for my everyday needs,” wrote a delighted Walmart reviewer. “Runs fast, touchscreen is awesome, and it’s lightweight and small, making travel easy. Extremely durable. Love the ability to use the Lenovo pen, and the tablet mode is such a great feature. Definitely would recommend especially for the epic price range. Can't compare.”

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Sit back and relax for Memorial Day — just let this robot vacuum clean your floors! (Photo: Walmart)
Sit back and relax for Memorial Day — this robovac will do your dirty work. (Photo: Walmart)

An eye-opening 50 percent off for Memorial Day, the Anker eufy RoboVac 35C Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum’s BoostIQ technology helps navigate your home's surfaces, including hardwood floors to rugs and beyond, with smooth transitions. And while it never loses suction, it senses the need for extra oomph — like when crumbs are overtaking the kitchen floor or pet hair is embedded in the rug. It'll amp up its power to get the job done.

"Albuquerque dust is a pernicious beast. I also have two dogs and a slew of resident dust bunnies so this is a big help," shared a Walmart shopper. "It gets the dog hair and dust up easily — slightly appalled at how much dust came up after a regular broom sweeping. The edging function works great — clears out stuff from the bottom of the walls with ease. I have concrete floors and it scoots over it fine; has gotten itself successfully untangled from under the kitchen table...I talk to it like one of the dogs: 'Oh, don't forget that speck in the hall.' 'Good job.' At least I haven't named it (yet)."

The eufy RoboVac 35C is super slim, so it’s a ninja when it comes to getting into every crevice and corner — and it has an infrared sensor for identifying things in its way, like stairs.

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Save more than half off these sporty leggings. (Photo: Walmart)
Champion leggings for 60 percent off? You know it. (Photo: Walmart)

Even if you don't consider yourself to be the sporty type, you'll certainly look it with these leggings. They boast an athleisure-inspired logo print on the calf, and an ultra-high rise for a slimming effect. They're cropped at the ankle, too, which looks flattering on just about anyone — no one likes the scrunched-up look above their sneakers, after all. Pair with a tank for a workout, or just lounge around the house in them — either way, you'll look every inch the model-off-duty.

"Love them all!!!!" writes an enthusiastic shopper. "The fit is perfect!"

Another adds: "Not see-through. Very soft and comfortable."

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Still don't have one of these? What are you waiting for? (Photo: Walmart)
Still don't have one of these? What are you waiting for? (Photo: Walmart)

Instant Pot needs no introduction. The cult-fave slow cooker can do it all: cook soups and stews, steam veggies and dumplings, make fluffy rice, even whip up delicious yogurts! This 3-quart mini has seven smart programs, so just press a button and leave it to do its thing without any extra effort on your part. Plus, the poultry option cooks your favorite chicken dishes up to 70 percent faster, so you can get a meal on your table in no time.

"This is a handy little appliance for our kitchen and a good size for a smaller household," a shopper shared. "We had the 6 qt. version that we never used because it was too big for our needs. But this smaller one is perfect for cooking rice, beans, soups, and so on. You just set it up and go on to do other things while it cooks your dinner. We've just begun to explore what else it's good for. I'll be looking online for a recipe book because there are many more uses for this device than I formerly imagined."

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Say hello to gorgeous smooth, shiny hair. (Photo: Walmart)
Say hello to gorgeously smooth, shiny hair. (Photo: Walmart)

Anything that saves time in the morning is key in our book. This straightening iron does so much more than just leave your locks smooth — it tackles frizz and static, making your summer 'do look fantastic no matter how high the temps rise. It's better for your hair, too: Infrared heat and negative ions damage your hair less than traditional straightening irons. You also never have to worry about accidentally leaving it on if you step out — it turns off on its own after 30 minutes.

"My sister has had hers for almost 10 years and it's still going strong, so I finally bought one," one shopper shared. "It is the best flat iron! Smooths hair and heats up super fast. Well worth the money!"

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Health and wellness

This stuff may be unscented, but we know a can't-miss deal when we smell one. (Photo: Walmart)
This stuff may be unscented, but we know a can't-miss deal when we smell one. (Photo: Walmart)

Even as we emerge on the other side of the pandemic, it's important that we carry over some of the habits we learned — like sanitizing our hands. Keep a bottle of the good stuff on you at all times, especially now that it's not as difficult to procure as it was over a year ago. This set of four bottles comes out to just $2.50 each, and its formula is infused with jojoba oil to hydrate your hands. While the formula is scent-free, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to up the fragrance factor.

"I wanted to find hand sanitizer that did not dry out my hands," one shopper reported. "After online research I decided to give this a try. It was exactly what I was looking for and worked great." 

Check out more health and wellness deals below:


No more sneezing fits! (Photo: Walmart)
No more sneezing fits! (Photo: Walmart)

The dandruff, the drool, the incalculable amount of morning breath. Your pillows put up with a lot; no wonder they need replacing every couple of years. We're gonna guess it's about time that you swapped yours out for a new set. This one is not only dust-proof, it repels pollen and other allergens. Plus, the breathable cotton stays cool even on hot summer days, and the hypoallergenic fill keeps the pillow plush. In a 26-by-26-inch Euro size, it accents your bed as well.

Shoppers love how soft and fluffy these pillows are. "I got this pillow for my son's bed," one shopper shared. "It is so full, soft and comfortable; he loves it! Now I have to buy everyone in my family one as they are quite jealous. After being slept on, the pillow does not go flat and dead, it fluffs right back up after use."

Check out more bedding deals below:


This massive grill is the perfect size for all the burgers and steaks you've been dreaming of since last year. (Photo: Walmart)
This massive grill is the perfect size for all the burgers and steaks you've been dreaming of since last year. (Photo: Walmart)

Grilling season is here (finally!). So if your grill does more sputtering than searing, it might be time to replace it. Our favorite? This extra-large charcoal Dyna-Glo. It can masterfully cook up to 40 burgers at once, so it's perfect for large gatherings, and a removable ash pan makes for nearly comically easy cleanup. Not a fan of burgers? Throw some other stuff on there! It has two tiers that add up to 816 square inches of cooking space. Charcoal is easy to access, too — you can either stoke it from behind a cast iron door or slide the cooking grates. Heavy-duty wheels make the grill portable.

"I bought this grill as a gift for my husband," shared one shopper. "I loved the whole look of it. But what really sold me on it was the charcoal grate. It's not made of sheet metal, which tends to warp and wear thin due to the heat of the coals. I liked the size of the grill's cooking surface and the dual side tables. This grill was also easy to put together!"

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Patio furniture

You've always wanted to be the kind of person that has a fire pit in your backyard. Make that a reality. (Photo: Walmart)
Save 50 bucks on this backyard s'mores situation. (Photo: Walmart)

Always dreamed of having a fire pit in your home? Time to make that dream a reality. This beauty has an extra-large 40-inch diameter and is made entirely of heavy-duty steel. The bowl lifts out to easily dump ashes, and the included spark screen shields the gang from flying embers. The pretty diamond weave adds subtle oomph, and it comes with a wood poker too (we know you're stoked). 

"I have been looking for a relatively inexpensive portable fire pit with a rim for drinks and feet," one shopper shared. "This is one of the few out there and it's perfect! No tiles around the rim to break. All iron. Easy to assemble and lightweight. We are very happy with this purchase."

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Your cats will love this kitty condo. (Photo: Walmart)
This kitty condo is the cat's meow. (Photo: Walmart)

Your cat is convinced she's the queen of your home — do you really have the heart to tell her otherwise? After all, this abode is more castle than a simple little cat tree — it has plenty of spots for her to rest, play, and survey her kingdom. There are multiple scratching posts, different tiers for her to climb, and even a little ramp that makes this look like her own personal jungle gym. Oh, and it's 40 percent off!

"Easy assembly, very solid, good quality! It's big and tall but doesn't take up too much space. We really love it! So does Betty!!"

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