Who Is Mel’s Father on 'Virgin River'? The Answer Is Finally Revealed

who is mels dad virgin river
Who Is Mel’s Father on 'Virgin River'?Netflix

How refreshing it is to begin our day no longer wondering about the question that has been haunting us for months! What question, you ask? Oh, just the one surrounding who Mel's father could be on Virgin River. This is an insanely big deal for us Virgin River fans!

Though, it wasn't even something we were that pressed about until Netflix decided to put the debacle front and center during the Virgin River season 5 part 1 finale and again in the teaser for season 5 part 2. Either way, we'd expect nothing less from the show's writers—they kind of have a habit for doing that sort of thing. (To their defense, it works on us every time!)

Now that the season 5 finale has aired and we finally have our answers, it's fun to look back at all of the fan suspicions that immediately brewed once Mel's father became a topic of interest. In fact, before we get to the discussing who the man of mystery is, we'll go through a couple of interesting fan proposals first.

Who did fans think Mel's father was?

We already knew from that mid-season finale that Mel's mother had a fling with someone from Virgin River, which meant that this person could very-well be her father. So lots of fans immediately jumped to that conclusion, with many possibilities being thrown around. (There's a whole cast to choose from, after all!)

Lauren Hammersley, who plays Charmaine Roberts on the show, posted the trailer onto her Instagram account in September, and you can bet the comments were filled with their thoughts on who it could be.

"It’s Doc!!! I’m 99 percent sure he’s Mel's father," one commenter said.

This would have made sense given Doc's age, and fans would also have loved this option the most. It was also the most commented proposal under the post!

Though, other fans seemed to have went a different direction.

"I think Mel's father is Bert and that's why her mom called her Birdie," another fan chimed in.

Okay, we definitely saw the vision! (For those who may need a refresher, Bert is the local tow truck driver on the show.)

The question surrounding Mel's father has also made its way to Reddit, where some users even think it could be Buck—Lilly’s late husband.

"Maybe it’s Lilly’s husband that died? Could make sense considering her draw to the farm...," one user wrote.

This was also a good thought! We can see where the connections were made.

As interesting as these thoughts were, none of them ended up being right!

So, who is Mel's father on Virgin River?

The answer is Everett Reid! Are you scratching your head trying to see if the name sounds familiar? It turns out, he's a completely new character! Of course, you may recognize Reid who's played by John Allen Nelson from the actor's many roles on TV, including 24, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Baywatch, and the 1980's soap opera, Santa Barbara.

who is mels dad virgin river

With the help of her sister Joey (Jenny Cooper) and Jack (Martin Henderson), Mel was able to uncover the name and exact whereabouts of her father, which just happened to be within driving distance to her home! Feeling hopeful, Mel took the brief trip over to his house, only to be greeted with a rather cold welcome, if you could even call it that. Everett pretended to not know who Mel was (though she immediately knew he was lying), and dismissed her almost right away. The next day (on Christmas), he reappears at Mel's home, finally admitting to being her father—profusely apologizing for lying. He was initially frightened by the surprise visit, especially after seeing how much Mel looked like her mother. However, he soon came to his senses, and decided that forming a connection with Mel would be in both their best interests.

So, did you see this coming? Are you happy or disappointed with this answer? Let us know in the comments!

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