Mel B Stuns in Bikinis and Lingerie in New Unretouched Photos

Mel B Stuns in Bikinis and Lingerie in New Unretouched Photos

Former (and forever) Spice Girl Melanie “Mel B” Brown is taking the opportunity to celebrate women of all ages, shapes and sizes with her new Pour Moi swimsuit and lingerie campaign, in which she looks incredibly toned modeling a variety of swimsuits, bras and underwear. She was featured in the campaign alongside her mom, Andrea Brown, 65, and her daughter, Phoenix Brown, 24.

The aptly named “Own Your Confidence” campaign features neon bikinis, leopard-print corsets and bold one-pieces, bras and underwear, all of which Mel and her family modeled in un-retouched photos, the singer told Women’s Health UK.

“It’s about being real, not being edited, and not taking ourselves too seriously,” the 48 year old said. “I love that it was a collaborative experience — it was my idea to include my mum and my daughter at the shoot and we had so much fun! I love their lingerie and swimwear and how it makes me feel.”

She particularly loves the independence imbued by the line, and the fact that a portion of proceeds is being donated to Women’s Aid — a charity that provides life-saving services to survivors of domestic violence — because Melanie herself discusses how she is a survivor of an abusive marriage, which she left in 2017.

In that way, the Pour Moi campaign is much more than selling swimsuits. “For me, like many of the survivors, your power has just completely been taken off you. I was isolated from my family and friends. That’s why this shoot is particularly important to me to come together with my daughter or my mum and just show that unity,” she told WH.

She continued: “It wasn’t like, ‘Look at me.’ It was ‘look at all different ages, all different body shapes’ and we all feel confident in what we’re wearing and confident in our skin.”

That confidence has taken time for Mel B to personally regain, though. “When you’ve left something as horrible as what I’ve left … you really have to find your way back to yourself, which can take years and it’s not just a one size fits all,” she explained.

And for her, that rediscovery came partially through a new exploration of self-care. She told WH she does two hardcore weight-lifting sessions per week, along with dog walks and morning meditation paired with a balanced, nutritious diet that features dishes like vegetable sides, soups, and roast dinners.

“The main thing for me is doing like, really good weightlifting and having my form correct,” she said. “And that can really change your body shape — and change, like, how your muscles and how your skin firms up, which is what I’ve done.”

In this post-divorce chapter, the musician’s renewed habits aren’t a fleeting fad, she said, but a lifestyle change. “I’ve really got to reap the benefits of it because I feel like I’ve got way more energy,” she explained of the shift. “I feel like my body is now looking like it did when I first was in the Spice Girls. So, I’m kind of getting back to basics again, both physically and mentally.”

If you are currently or suspect you might be in an abusive relationship, call 911 for immediate assistance. For additional help and support, dial The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or the National Dating Abuse Helpline at 1-866-331-9474.

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