Megyn Kelly Is Doing So Much Harm Calling Critical Race Theory Child Abuse

Conservatives fear critical race theory will change the way children in schools are being taught about American history and current events. There’s a divide about whether educators should continue to teach students the stories that we all have generally been told about our nation, or if educators should start to be more forthcoming about America’s history, including how racism is a part of the fabric of America. Conservatives do not seem to be ready for those conversations. (Former President Trump once called teaching about racism “child abuse.”) And recently on her podcast, Megyn Kelly, expressed the same sentiment as Trump.

During an episode of The Megyn Kelly Show featuring guest Victor David Hanson, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, they discussed a slew of topics from the cost of defunding the police to Gwen Berry and her Olympic stand (advising her to leave the country) “woke warriors in academia and the military,” and so much more.

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“It was bad enough when they were indoctrinating students,” Kelly says about critical race theory, “but college students tend to be more left-leaning and they’re experimenting with ideas and I think once rationality sets in they tend to make up their own minds one way or another and they don’t all keep that indoctrination forever. But now, we’re seeing into today’s day and age that they’re infecting kids, young children they’re indoctrinating with these divisive messages. It’s abuse towards children, and it’s endangering the men and women in our military, and our country as a result.”

Critical race theory is not just one idea, but a changing set of ideas, basically rooted in the desire “to understand how a regime of white supremacy and its subordination of people of color have been created and maintained in America.” The academic movement teaches “that racism is a social construct, and that it is not merely the product of individual bias or prejudice, but also something embedded in legal systems and policies,” according to Education Week.

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Kelly and her guest, Hanson, went on to mention how former president Barack Obama changed America.

“First, he redefined race in America,” Hanson said. “Race was essentially African Americans and non-African Americans and there were historic, you know, slavery, Jim Crow, and the country was trying to deal with that, the civil rights movement. It didn’t really involve all people who were immigrants from India or it didn’t involve people who came in from Brazil or even people from Mexico. It was a uniquely American problem we were dealing with.”

“But Obama said no, no it’s diversity, it’s not anything other than being white,” Hanson continues. “If you are non-white then you are not 12% of the population, you’re 30% and you’re a growing demographic and you have [an] historical claim against a racist society. To further that end, he got rid of all notions of class. Suddenly I noticed in the academic world there were these fakers who could come with the excuse and . . . and they were victims. and that was what diversity was and it got rid of class. And what we have now is this absurdity where Oprah is going to be a victim for the rest of her life. She can have a private plane, she can $90 million, but she’s not white, therefore she’s a victim.”

Oprah — who the host and guest mention a few times throughout the podcast — talking about race and recognizing the role it has played in her existence doesn’t matter because she’s successful? But mentioning her wealth and saying she shouldn’t ever feel victimized, is saying that since she’s Black and successful and rich, she has no reason to feel or express the challenges that she has faced in her own life?

“So who’s going to be the boogeyman?,” Hanson shares. “He’s going to be that white high school dropout on a forklift in Bakersfield because he’s white. No one cares about his class — he was born say in 1965, he got no affirmative action, he got no special consideration, the elite white hate his guts, he had no privilege, yet he’s the mythical oppressor. And LeBron and the Obama’s are the mythical victim. Class is really important in America . . . and it’s where we should be trying to help people and instead, we’ve substituted race.”

Kelly adds that this hypothetical guy that Hanson has created is the true victim.

“That guy who has had no advantages in his life whatsoever and is busting his butt every day, he’s not only being told you’ll get no advantages, and you’ll get no help getting your kid into college, you’ll get nothing,” Kelly says during the podcast. “He’s been told that he’s the problem, by virtue of his skin-color and his gender, he is the walking problem. And on top of that he’s supposed to sit back and take it, and just sort of shrug and accept the anti-white racism that is growing in this country.”

But, this! This is the whole point of critical race theory, not to divide people, but to make people aware of injustices the people of color have endured solely on the basis of their physical look. This is what Black people have been trying to express for hundreds of years, being judged by virtue of skin color and gender (think: Black women and men, and Latina women and men historically earning less money than their white counterparts) is not acceptable.

Since critical race theory seeks to uncover racist practices in America — the laws that have been created, how people are treated, the opportunities to progress that some people are denied because of their race, and other facets of everyday life — what is the real racist action happening here? It seems the single most divisive threat in education is continuing to lie about our history as a nation. That’s what has landed us here in 2021.

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celebs parents racism

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