Meghan Trainor Shares Son Riley’s Hilarious Favorite Song After Bathtime

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Bathtime in the Meghan Trainor house is a super fun time. The “Takin’ It Back” singer’s son Riley, 1, who she shares with husband Daryl Sabara, likes to get squeaky clean then sing a super cute, booty shaking song. (Would we expect anything less? He’s got that “All About That Bass” blood, after all!)

On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, Jimmy Fallon asked Trainor what music Riley liked, and it’s definitely not Baby Shark.

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“I saw Saucy Santana singing ‘Booty’ on here, and that’s my son’s favorite song,” Trainor revealed. “Booty, booty, booty, booty, booty, booty, booty,” she adds while doing a little butt wiggle, making Fallon laugh.

“Every time we get him out of the bathtub to dry him off, we’re like, ‘Yeah, I know you like my booty, booty, booty, booty,’ and he cracks up,” she continued. “He watches the music video every night to go to sleep.”

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How cute is that? Riley also helps his mama with her music, too.

“You worked with an incredible producer on this album,” Fallon said. “In fact, we have a clip. Here’s Meghan in the studio with her producer, who happens to be a 1-year-old.”

In the video, the redheaded little boy was mixing sounds for Trainor’s music while she gave him kisses, and it’s so adorable!

“You just kiss him and hold him all day long?” Fallon asks because we were all thinking it. How could you ever resist that little squish?

“Yeah, I snuggle him. Yeah, yeah, yeah,” the “Title” singer answered, adding, “I’m, like, way better” at writing songs after becoming a mom.

“Everything is way more important, you know?” she continued. “I have like a big fear of death, and now it’s just times a thousand. But I’m like, everything means so much more. And you can hear that in my lyrics. It’s not sad, it’s happy!” she clarified at the end.

She also revealed her little cute — who she described as “perfect” — has finally said “mama.”

“I just dragged him all over Australia and now here and he finally at the end of the trip says, ‘Mama!’ which is great,” she said. “He did say ‘Dada’ first, though.” Because of course he did.

In an Instagram post last week, Trainor thanked everyone who helped with the album, including Riley.

“And thank you to my family and my sweet baby boy Riley for inspiring me to work harder 💖,” she wrote, adding a picture of a sweet mother-son kiss.

In August, Trainor told SheKnows about her playtime routine with Riley. “My therapist taught me that when I am with my kid, to be totally present in that moment,” she said. “The best time to do that is when he is playing, and I love to join in on that with him.”

From bathtime to playtime, it’s always a good time at Trainor’s house!

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